Caligula on DVD - 2007
On October 2nd 2007, Caligula was re-issued on DVD by Image Entertainment. There are three different versions, the R-Rated, the Un-rated, and the Imperial Edition. There are images of all three on this page. Of course, the Imperial Edition is the best, and contains 3 DVD's. The original 156 minute un-rated version is the same as the 1999 DVD, except with a much better picture and sound. The real surprise is the 152 minute 'Alternate Pre-release' version. I truly believe that as far as the story of Caligula goes, this alternate version runs much smoother and concise. Gone are the annoying zooms, pull-backs, and some scene order has been restored. About 90% of the material that Bob Guccione added to the 156 minute version has been removed for this one. I respect what the Penthouse Girls contributed to the screen with their 1977 footage, but it honesty has nothing to do with the story or plot.

First off, to answer some popular questions-

1) The May 1979 Cannes version of Caligula is most likely gone forever. After it was shown it is    
        believed that this edit was dismantled and used in other promotional ways.
2) There isn't a planned European release of the new set, yet.
3) Digitalbits announced there should be a Blu-Ray version of the new set coming out later this year or
        early next year. So far, there is no confirmation from Image Entertainment.

However, the Imperial Edition has all kinds of bonus material, it is truly amazing. As well, Thomas also wrote 2 1/2 pages of notes in the booklet. He explained why he likes the damn movie so much. For a sneak peak at what Tomas wrote, please click the link to his author website
Everything you need to know about the Imperial Edition
Lori Wagner got a new pictorial in this issue with great photos by Warren Tang. She's 38 and still has her beautiful natural boobs. This new pictorial tied in with the reprint of her love scenes with Anneka from the original May 1980 issue of Penthouse.
Where to buy this great set-
Above are the two different covers for the Imperial Edition. The one on the left was the original from July 2007 when it was planned to have 3 DVD's and 1 CD of music. Notice Teresa's name is missing as well. In August the set dropped the music CD (opting to have the music play in the background) and Teresa's name was added. A very cool DVD cover. Hats off to Image Entertainment, they have done a high quality job. It was very cool to work with them in this project.
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Reviews are starting to come in now regarding the new DVD set. The feedback I have been getting from my mailing list has been awesome! Here are some recent reviews of the new set:


The Toronto Globe and Mail

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Image Entertainment has now issued the Caligula DVD five times, twice in 1999, and the three new editions. The first two, issued on Nov 30th 1999, are now deleted. The Rated Version ran 102 minutes, and the Unrated Version ran 156 minutes and included the hour long 1981 Documentary. Down below I will describe everything that is on the three new editions, I have spent an entire day going through them, it was a pretty cool experience. Three DVD's on the right above were issued on Oct 2nd 2007, and are the Rated Edition (102 min), the Unrated Edition (156 min) and the Imperial Edition (156 min & 152 Min). More Below!
The Rated Edition- Feature Start - 102 Minutes
                          -  Scene Selection (18 Scenes)
                          -  Audio Set-up- Dolby Digital 5.0 and 2.0
                          -  Theatrical Trailers- 1981 Theatrical Trailer (1:51)
                                                        - Undated Teaser Trailer with Bob Guccione (1:09)
                                                        - 1981 R-Rated Release Trailer (1:02) 
The Unrated Edition- Feature Start - 156 Minutes
                             - Scene Selection (21 Scenes)
                             - Audio Set-up- Dolby Digital 5.0 and 2.0
                             - Theatrical Trailers- 1981 Theatrical Trailer (1:51)
                                                         - Undated Teaser Trailer with Bob Guccione (1:09)
                                                         - 1981 R-Rated Release Trailer  (1:02)
The Imperial Edition-
   Disc 1 - Unrated Version- Feature Start- 156 Minutes
                                       - Scene Selection (21 Scenes)
                                       -Audio Set-up- Dolby Digital 5.0 and 2.0
                                       - Theatrical Trailers- 1981 Theatrical Trailer (1:51)
                                                                    -Undated Teaser with Bob Guccione (1:09)
                                                                    - 1981 R-Rated Release Trailer (1:02)

   Disc 2 - Alternate Pre-Release Version- Feature Start - 152 Minutes
                                                           - Scene Selection (21 Scenes)
             - Audio Commentary with Malcolm McDowell with above film
Malcolm hand-picked Nick Redman to moderate this 152 minute commentary, the only big
problem is that Nick isn't familiar with the film at all, leading to some frustrating moments, when I
                      want to scream, "I know the answer! Pick me!" Other than that, Malcolm is very honest and candid,
                      and the commentary is still both informative and very entertaining. Most excellent!

             - Audio Commentary with Helen Mirren with above film
Helen's 146 minute comentary is moderated by British film writers Alan Jones and James E. Chaffin,
                       and thankfully these two guys know the film inside and out. Like Malcolm, Helen is very candid,
                       honest and entertaining. This is her first time seeing the film in over 25 years, and the better
                       version too. She lets us in on many neat tidbits about the filming process. Top Notch! 
             - Audio Commentary with Ernest Volkman with above film
Image Entertainment's own Nathaniel Thompson interviews Penthouse writer Ernest Volkman via
                       phone over the backdrop of the film. Nathaniel is very articulate over the 90 minute phone call,
                       however Ernest's recollections are hazy at best; they are to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
                       Whereas I would listen to Malcolm and Helen's commentaries again, once is enough for Ernest,
                       which is a tragedy, since Nathaniel is a great interviewer! Interesting for one listen.

(There is no Audio Set-up on this disc)
             - 12 Deleted and Alternate Scenes (47:49)
(The above is set to music from the soundtrack as well as some never heard before music!)

   Disc 3 - My Roman Holiday with John Steiner - 24 Minutes 
(Very enlightening)
             - Caligula's Pet : A Conversation with Lori Wagner - 28 Minutes
(Quite Candid)
             - Tinto Brass: The Orgy of Power - 35 Minutes 
(Superb! Worth the price of the set!)
             - The Making of Caligula - Full Documentary - 62 Minutes 
This documentary was shot
                       from approx. June 1976 to Dec 24th 1976, and follows all aspects of the filming process. Tonnes
                        of never before seen footage, lots of nudity. Directed by Giancarlo Lui, it was finally released in

1981 I believe as part of the unrated video release. If you can get past the horrible narration by
                        Bill Mitchell, this is well worth watching at least once. Includes the infamous 'sex tests.'

                                                  - 1988 Featurette - 10 Minutes
This highly edited version of
                                                                    the above documentary was released as part of 'On The Wild Side'
                                                                    DVD. For more info on this DVD please click
             - Behind the Scenes - 15 Different Sequences - 76 Minutes
                                                       (All 17 of these scenes are set to the original soundtrack music from the film
                                                         including never before heard music, plus
Lydia Van Huston's big hit)
                                           - 2 Easter Eggs - Guards in Cars - 2:52 Minutes
                                                                  - Proculus Vs. Killing Machine - 4:21 Min.
(These bonus sequences can be found on the DVD-ROM index as Title 36
                                                         and Title 39. The second is in Italian and is from 'Io Caligola'. Thanx Levi!)

             - Still Galleries - 19 Great Slideshows - 60 Minutes
(There is no music set to the slideshows, so you better hum your favorites as you watch!)
             - DVD-ROM Features (Presented as Adobe PDF Files):
                 - Press Kit - The Real Caligula - 2 pages
                                 -  Caligula Press Material - 3 Pages
                 - Cast and Crew Biographies- Malcolm McDowell - 2 Pages
                                                          - Teresa Ann Savoy - 1 Page
                                                          - Helen Mirren - 1 Page
                                                          - Peter O'Toole - 2 Pages
                                                          - John Gielgud - 2 Pages
                                                          - Tinto Brass - 1 Page
                                                          -  Danilo Donati - 1 Page
                                                          - Additional Biographies- 4 Pages
(John Steiner, Guido Mannari, Adriana Asti, Paolo Bonacelli,
                                                                              Leopoldo Trieste, Giancarlo Badessi & Mirella D'Angelo)
- Gore Vidal Screenplay- Version 1 - October 1975 - 190 Pages
                                                 - Version 2 - July 1976 - 138 Pages
              -  Penthouse- Making of Caligula June 1980 Feature - 23 Pages
                                - Lori and Anneka
Love Scenes May 1980 - 16 Pages
Lori Wagner Revisited - New Pictorial Feb 1991 - 10 Pages
                                          (This pictorial tied in with a partial re-print of Lori and Anneka's Love Scene Pix -                                                   The DVD menu states this pictorial is from 1996, but it has now
                                            been confirmed that the issue date was indeed February 1991.)

                                - Interview with Bob Guccione - 7 Pages
                                - Movie Tie-in Novelization by William Howard - 74 Pages
(This version of the novel is the third draft, and is closer to the final version of
                                             Gore Vidal's script. It is quite different than the
novel published in 1979, almost
                                             all of the sex has been omitted. William Howard was the pseudonym of William
                                             Johnston, who wrote many books based on TV and screenplays, such as 'Get
                                             Smart', 'The Brady Bunch', 'The Monkees' and 'Happy Days'.)

              - 14 Page Collectable Color Booklet with Liner Notes written by Thomas A.
                  Ryerson and R.J. Buffalo.
The German movie website, Online-Filmdatenbank, mentioned
                       these two young writers by name. Yeah, R.J. we're famous! Check it out
HERE! As well, the US
                       website, discussed further what each R.J. and Thomas wrote, except that
                       they mispelled Thomas' last name as Wyerson. We'll write in for a correction. Read that Review
Tom and R.J.'s Caligula Liner Notes have been translated into Japanese via the Japanese Imperial Edition (The Red Box Set) which was issued in Japan on June 6th 2008 in a 4 Disc set, which includes a newly discovered 30 minute disc of Tinto Brass material found in November 2007. The booklet has been expanded to 36 pages! It's neat to see what I wrote in English now in Japanese. My novels have been going well, the newest one, April's Call, is getting rave reviews. Have a look at Amazon HERE
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Caligula on Blu-Ray!