On The Wild Side DVD-1988
I have to admit that this DVD was way better than I thought it was going to be. It's still stuck in the 80's, but the creators really did try to do something new for the times. There is a great lesbian bit that is shot very closely to Anneka and Lori's little lesbian scene in Caligula. The bit is called 'Punk or Bust' and features music that was used in Caligula but I can't place right now. The DVD is definately worth the price. There is no gaping pussy shots, but it's still pretty good. The reason I bought the DVD was for the re-edited "Making of Caligula" feature. This was cut down from an hour from the original to 15 minutes on this DVD, and it's much better! The music in the 'Making of Caligula' was composed by Bruno Nicolai but wasn't used in the actual movie. The DVD also shows stills of Madonna's art photo's from the 70's, great if you're into body hair. The DVD runs an hour and stars: Janie Blevins, Corina Ragnarrson, Rhonda Vandegriff, Julia Parton, Michelle Bauer, Colleen Applegate and Alexandra Day. I highly recommend getting this from Amazon.com.