Bonnie Dee Wilson
Picture above, Bonnie Dee from her Pet of the Year runner-up Pictorial, the picture on the right is from her November 1975 Penthouse debut. Below, a scene from the exhausting 3 day Imperial Bordello shoot, you can see the back of Bonnie's head on the left, she's wearing the yellow dress. She was reluctant on the set, that is until she got a couple of drinks under her belt!
Above, Bonnie Dee Wilson Oct 1977. Bonnie was Bob Guccione's plaything. Bob had an open marriage, and he and Bonnie were an item. She was 28 and had a 9 year old daughter. Bonnie also had a drinking problem, and this hampered Bob's plans with her. She was supposed to be Pet of the Year but instead was the Runner-Up for 1977. She was reluctant on the set of Caligula, although she did participate in the orgy scenes, shown below. 
January 1977-Rome
Bob really liked Bonnie. She was from Texas, and that was a turn on! She was born April 2nd 1947 in San Antonio, and when she got involved with Penthouse was a single mom, with a daughter born in 1967. She left the girl with relatives when she went to Rome. Bonnie had a problem with booze, and began to embarass Bob at parties they would go to. He created the Pet of the Year runner up for her, because she was too much of a lush to be named Pet of the Year.  

It's not known what became of her after Caligula came out in February 1980.