Carolyn Patsis
Below left, this is actually a better shot of Anneka, but Carolyn is on the upper left, with Valerie Rae Clark just above Lucky Fellows knee. With the picture below, Carolyn watches Valerie Rae Clark do some knob-gobbling. Carolyn is directly below the statue on the right. In the right hand picture, Suzanne Saxon is on the left, with Carolyn right below her tit. Julliet Morris is spread eagle under Bob's arm. 
The picture below is from the November 1976 spread, Carolyn reflects her great future with Penthouse.
Carolyn was from the New York Pet Stable, and was featured early on in the filming of Caligula, being featured in the Temple of Isis scene. The New York Girls included Lori, Anneka, Jane, Bonnie, and Henrietta. Carolyn kissed Valerie during the orgy scene, Valerie remembers this, and I'm not sure if it made the movie or not. I beleive these pictures are all from her debut in November 1976.
More great shots from November 1976. Below is a production still from January 1977. Carolyn is directly below the statue on the right, wearing an orange dress. Everybody watches Valerie tend to some Lucky Roman extra. 
While Carolyn was in Rome for 10 days in January 1977 she made a special new friend. It was with Luca Ronchi, who was the 2nd Assistant Director of Caligula. Luca worshipped her and they had a torrid love affair. She facinated him. Luca has said that her character in the movie was named "Diana". It would be interesting to see if all the girls played actual characters.