Catherine The Great
In 1981, Giancarlo Lui, a long time friend of Bob Guccione's, said that Caligula was just the cinematic prelude. At the time in '81, Giancarlo was engaged in the preproduction of a film to be called "Catherine the Great", or possibly simply, "Catherine". The film was due to enter production in the summer of 1982, and was to be scrupulous, historical, and accurate.
In the film, truth was be separated from legend. This was to be derived from contempory records of the notorious Czarina's reign.

The film was to be made in Spain, and had a budget of 35 million dollars. It's cast was to include well-known names, as well as a bevy of Penthouse Pets. The landmark attributes of Caligula were to be carried forward and magified. The sets for "Catherine" were to be designed by Danilo Donati. The script was to be written by Lilliana Betti, an associate of Frederic Fellini's for the last 30 years. (1951).

As well, the film will be directed by Bob Guccione! Bob said he was particularly interested in Catherine the Great because she lived in one of the most complex and facinating  times of sociopolitical times, and hers is one of the richest stories in history.  The movie will have a central theme of corrupt power and sexuality. The film will deal with the Russian sovereign's flagrant nymphomania.

The above information was included following the interview with Bob Guccione in the "Girls of Caligula" published in 1981. It has come to my attention that 1979 Penthouse Pet Corinne Alphen was also going to play an important part in the movie. Corinne is on the cover of the August 1981 issue of Penthouse. She went on to act in a bunch of teen sex-romp films including "Spring Break" in 1983. 

Bob has great ideas for Catherine, including some dream sequences that featured a large tree with hundreds of bodies hanging from it, as well as plague victems ingaging in an orgy while dead bodies were being shoveled into a fire. Bob had told Ken Russell his ideas for Catherine while the two worked on the "Moll Flanders" project about 1982.

Sadly, "Catherine" was never made. According to site fan, Brennan M, Bob Guccione tried again to get Catherine made during 1995. (14 years after it's initial failure to get made) It had been stated in "Movieline" Magazine that Bob was going to direct, with Nicolas Roeg (The man who feel to earth) writing the script, and Faye Dunaway in the lead role. Apparently Jay Leno even made a joke about it during the Tonight Show. After the failure of Showgirls in the fall of 1995, Bob must have decided the world still wasn't ready for "a blue film with stars", and for the second and last time, Catherine was put to rest .

As well, Giancarlo Lui was never involved in any other films after Caligula.
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This just in! James, our UK connection, has just informed me that prior to Caligula, Bob Guccione was investigating filming a musical! He was toying with the idea of a pornographic movie called "The Ballad of Frankie and Johnny", bsed on the Elvis movie of the same name. It was said that Bob was trying to interest John Huston into directing the film, it would have been about 1972-73 that he got this idea, just a little before Caligula came into the picture.

Added Oct 23rd 2002