The Penthouse Magazine Covers
(featuring pets, stories & pictures from Caligula)
SEPT 1973-Anneka Di Lorenzo.
JAN 1975- Juliet Morris, Pet of the Month.
APRIL 1975-Signe Berger, Pet of the Month.
MAY 1975-Lori Wagner
posing as Octavia Corriell, and not a Pet of the Month!
JULY 1975-Jane Hargrave, that's her on the cover! Bob loves soft focus!
OCT 1975-Anneka di Lorenzo (Pet of the Year-Cover as well) and Melanie Sutherland (in a pictorial, not as Pet of the Month)
NOV 1975- Bonnie Dee Wilson, that's her on the cover as well! (Pet of the Month)
JULY 1976- Helen Lang
OCT 1976-Susanne Saxon
NOV 1976-Carolyn Patsis
DEC 1976- Jane Hargrave (British Pet of the Year)
MAY 1977-Valerie Rae Clark, looking stunning on the cover! Pet of the Month!
OCT 1977-Bonnie Dee Wilson (Pet of the Year Runner-up) New Pictorial.
SEPT 1978-Susanne Saxon (Pet of the Year Runner-up) New Pictorial.
OCT 1978-Jane Hargrave
MAY 1980-Special Caligula issue
JUNE 1980-Anneka di Lorenzo & Lori Wagner's love scenes from Caligula
(The 1st time in print)
AUG 1983-Valerie Rae Clark
FEB 1991-The 2nd reprinting of Anneka and Lori's love scenes's from Caligula. (The 1st was the "Girls of Caligula" book, 1981)
JUNE 1975-The Pet Playoff, featuring Anneka Di Lorenzo!
I haven't gotten scans yet, but there was also a series of books called "The Girls of Penthouse", with at least 3 Volumes. Volume 3 (1980) featured reprints from the pictorials of Carolyn Patsis & Valerie Rae Clark. As well, in 1981, there was "The Girls of Caligula" book, which featured the 2nd printing of Anneka & Lori's sex scene, lots of photos from the movie, and an interview with Bob Guccione. Also, a sneak peak at Bob's new film, Catherine.
JUNE 1977-The Pet Play Off, featuring Bonnie Dee Wilson.