Doug Meador
Douglas Wayne Meador played keyboards on the recording of "We Are One", and I have recently been talking to him about the Caligula music and his career as well.

Doug has always lived in California, and is classicaly trained as a musician. He began playing in bands in the L.A. live scene at the age of 15, about 1967. Doug met
Lydia Van Huston about 1978, and they decided to try and get a band together. Lydia is also classically trained. Doug not only plays keyboards, but he writes music, sings, and plays guitar too.

About the same time he met Lydia, Doug also met Toni Biggs through a mutual friend. Toni attended a gig or two of Doug's, and then Doug began attending jams at the home of Toni Biggs. Toni loved to play the bass, and had some great jams at her place in L.A. She was married to a Biggs at that time, but was later romantically linked with record producer Jack Andrews, whom she later married. Doug heard that Toni worked at Penthouse and Omni, but he never really thought about her being a Guccione. Doug remembers Toni telling him about the first Penthouse Records release, the "County Porn" Lp by Nick "Chinga" Chavin, which came out in 1976.

Things didn't work out with Lydia, and Doug then joined an established L.A. rock band. It was while Doug was in this rock band that Toni asked him if he would help out with the recording of the song "We are one" for the film Caligula. Doug agreed to play piano, as well as other keyboards (Electric Piano & Clavinet) on the dance version of the record. Toni played bass, and Jeffrey Jay Craig played Guitar, Ted Ashford played Synth, and Al Capps arranged the horns and strings, but Doug personally recommended Arthur Carter Fox for drums, and Lydia Von Huston for the vocals. Chris Kelly also played drums.

Some of the sessions were done at Motown's big L.A. studio, as well as another studio or two. An orchestra was overdubbed later on. Doug thought that the "We are one" sessions were done in late 1979 or early 1980. After the sessions were completed, the rock band Doug was with ended up breaking up due to a lot of internal issues that Doug had no control over. It was unfortunate that  the band had recorded tonnes of great demos, but none were never released.

Doug and Lydia formed "Madam X". Drummers for Madam X included Guy Eckstine and Bernie Pershey.  Madam X played the clubs on Sunset Strip, and recorded 4 songs in demo form. Madam X had a great ballad that Doug wrote, called "Believe in me". However, the band split up, and the rest of the guys (minus Doug) carried on working under Lydia's name. That was the last time Doug and Lydia worked together.

Toni Biggs was feeling a little more confident by 1981, and was now singing as well as playing bass, and she formed "Threshold". Toni contacted Doug who was happy to help with the recordings. By June of 1981, "We are One" had finally been issued as a single, and was hopefully making some in-roads for Doug.

Threshold consisted of Toni (Vocals), Doug (Keys), Jeff Craig (Guitar), and Jim Seneca Jensen on bass & Keyboards, Steven Earl Gardner on Drums, and Jim Horn on Sax. The sessions took place over 81/82. Doug played many different keyboard parts for the Threshold sessions. Toni had also heard the song, "Believe in me", which Doug had written for a female voice, and she recorded it for the debut Threshold album, which came out in the spring of 1982. Later that same year, Penthouse Records issued a six song mini LP, "Threshold". This mini LP featured 4 songs from the previous LP, and 2 new remixes of songs, also from the first LP. Toni wanted Doug to tour with Threshold, but he opted out, and she and Jeff, Jim, and Steve carried on without him. This was the last time that Doug worked with Toni Guccione Biggs Andrews.

Afterwards, Doug joined the band "Geisha" featuring Jef Scott. Jef later left to Australia where he worked with some other acts. Jef also formed "The Men", who had a 1992 hit with "Church of Logic, Sin & Love". Doug later played with the Willie Aames band. Willie Aames (born July 15th 1960) starred in "Eight is Enough", and after the show was cancelled in 1981, he turned to rock music. Willie was also in "Charles in Charge".

It was about 1982 that Doug began working for a softwear development company, but kept his hand in music. In 1993 he moved to San Francisco, where he now lives. He has a band that plays his original music, as well as his "day" job. Doug has played in local blues and rock bands, and has appeared on local TV with his own band. His most recent project was engineering a chamber music CD for his wife.

Doug is a very cool guy and I really enjoy talking with him about his music, his involvement with Caligula, and music in general.