Helen Lang
Helen Lang was a strange bird. She debuted in Penthouse in July 1976, a little after she had signed up for Caligula. Helen was a dancer, which was basically a stripper who studied dance. She took herself seriously, and dabbled in sexual endeavors to finance her real passion for dance. But Helen was also a sexual masochist, and she loved to be beaten, sporting new bruises daily. Great combination.

Helen was from the West Coast Stable, and came from the same camp as Valerie, Julie (Julliet), Signe, Suzanne and Melanie. Once Helen got to Rome, and learned what was really going on, and she bailed.  Helen thought that the scenes Bob wanted to shoot were pornographic (no arguement there!), and she thought herself as photogenic! Bob had pushed her limits as an artist.

I have no idea why Penthouse continues to promote Helen as she were in the movie, but hey, hopefully she was paid well, and she still has her dignity!

Helen made two other films the same year that Caligula was shot. She was a model in the film "Half a house", which was also known as "A House Divided", and she played the role of Leslie in "Revenge of the Cheerleaders", which was re-released in 1982 as "Hots III". Both of these films, Half a House, and Revenge of the Cheerleaders, were originally released in 1976.
Helen's debut in Penthouse, July 1976
Helen's romance with Penthouse was short-lived, after she bailed in January 1977, she was done with porn. So we are lead to believe anyway.