Henrietta Kelogg
That's Henrietta at the very far right, Lucky Fellows has his arm around her while Signe Berger acts her part. In the picture below Henrietta's face can be seen at the very top right corner, just above Bonnie Dee Wilson. Apparently Henrietta swallowed Lucky's load much like Anneka did in the Imperial Grotto Scene that made it into the movie. In Rome Henri and Signe were very close!
Henrietta Post first graced the pages of Penthouse in the August 1976 issue, using the stagename of Rhianna Post. Later she used the name of Kelogg, she must have a thing with using cereals as a surname. Lucky Fellows knew her as Henrietta. I'm pretty sure her family still live in San Juan. And although her blow-job scene didn't make it into the final cut of the film, you can see her, Signe and Lucky in the opening scene of the Imperial Bordello sequence. You can see Lucky's face quite a bit once you know who you are looking for! Added Oct 29/06.
Henrietta Post was born in the US in 1953. At a young age her family moved to Puerto Rico, and this is where she grew up. In 1975 she met Peter Etchemendy, who ran a bar called "El Saloon". They began dating and then she went to the US. Henri came back to San Juan with the August 1976 issue of Penthouse with her. She showed Peter and he was so turned on they screwed all day. She used the aka of Rhianna Post, Rhianna after the Fleetwood Mac song. At the end of 1976 she got the word about Caligula, and she was in, big time! She left Puerto Rico, and in hindsight Peter too. I don't think he ever saw her again after Jan '77.    
The top of Henri is very nice! Beautiful face rounded with a great rack of solid breasts. Oh to be able to appreciate those babies! However, those that know me know that I'd be much more happier down below. The picture below is where I want to be! Thanks Peter so much for your memories!