The Temple of Isis Gallery
This scene was shot while Tinto Brass was still at the helm, another rare moment where he allowed Bob to use the Pets. These scenes are part of the original 1976 shooting schedule, but interestingly enough none of these pictures were published in Penthouse. I have another blurb at the bottom of this to read.
Lori and Anneka ham it up during the shooting, probably in November 1976.
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There wern't many moments that Tinto allowed Bob to use the Pets, but 4 scenes that stick out in my mind would have been the above Temple of Isis scene, the Wedding Orgy at Livia and Proculus's wedding, the original Imperial Bordello scene, and the orgy at the Celebration Feast when Caligula returns from Britian. Lori, Anneka and Jane can also be seen in the Wedding scene and Drusilla's death scene as extras. I have read that Pets original scenes for the Wedding Orgy & the Celebration Feast Orgy wern't used, but they were shot. As well, there are some real hard-core scenes (way too short & Pet-less) in which Caligula fantasizes while on Capri. One wonders if Bob really did need to shoot that extra footage in January 1977, but I'm sure that Lucky Fellows is glad that he did! The above scans will hold you over until I get some better ones!  (May 9th 2002)