Jolanta Von Zmuda
Jolanta Von Zmuda's name popped up recently as a girl who may have appeared in some of the group scenes of Caligula. Jolanta Duchi was born in 1956 in Gdansk, Poland. It's not clear where she got the stage name of 'Von Zmuda' from. Paula Mitchell mentions meeting a Polish Pet on the set of Caligula, so we have speculated it may have been Jolanta. As I have mentioned elsewhere, there may have been upwards of 20 pets on the set of Caligula. Below pic is a very nice and rare '70's pussy shot.
Then, as they do, things went sour with Jolanta and Penthouse. Her pictorial had been shot in 1975 by Bob Guccione. There is talk she may have appeared in the filming of Caligula. The above pictures appeared in March 1977. Then, on July 21st 1978 the 22 year old Polish beauty claimed Bob drugged her for the pictorial, and then sexually assaulted her. I'm not sure how her court case went, but I doubt she won. She was suing for 2 Million Pounds. I beleive Jolanta was the first to sue Bob over these types of alligations.