Juliet Morris
Production still from Caligula. Susanne Saxon on the far left, Carolyn Patsis below her, Juliet Morris spread eagle, and Bob Guccione. A very cool pic! Lucky Fellows has said that that is Juliet in the very middle top of the picture below, she's in the green dress. (The bare ass belongs to Valerie Rae Clark!)
Juliet appeared in the February 1977 issue of Penthouse with another model by the name of Betsy Harris. The pictorial was of two younger girls having a pillow fight, Juliet was 30, but looked 16 because she was petite. She has panties on. The other model was really 16, and her real name was Terri Nunn. Terri Nunn was born on June 26th 1961, and wanted to break into acting, therefore nude modelling was the obvious way to do it. Just ask the rest of the Caligula Girls! It was mentioned that Bob wanted Terri for Caligula, but she was just too young.

Juliet was known as Julie to her friends, and was able to make a good living stripping at amateur contests. She participated in the orgy scenes in Caligula, but wasn't very pleased about it, and let Bob know. For that reason, Julie was dropped from the promotion machine. In reality, that probably helped her career!

She and Valerie were friends in Los Angeles, and Julie dated some weird guys. She would often turn men into the police because they were so damn weird. A cute story is that once a guy asked Julie if she was into Necrophilia. She wasn't sure what it was exactly, so she replied, "Sometimes". The next day she phoned Valerie and asked her what the word meant, when she found out, she stormed over to the guys house and told him off! Oh the stories!
It was said that Julie was not co-operative on the set, and because of that she wasn't offered any promotional work. So instead she entered many amateur stripping contests, and was able to earn some money that way. Below pic, Julie was featured with Terri Nunn (as Betsy Harris) in the Feb 1977 issue of Penthouse. Juliett was 30, but definately looks younger. That's Terri on the left, and Julie on the right. For a nice pussy shot of Terri Nunn, have a look here!
Teri Nunn had denied that she ever did Penthouse, but trust me, she did. Oh the stories I could tell. It's great having a couple of former Penthouse Pets in your corner!