Theatre Lobby Stills
Long before the multiplex and Cineplex theatres, there used to be an old fashioned concept of , "one movie, one theatre". In these old fashioned movie theatres of the 70's and 80's, one would walk through the lobby to get to the ticket booth. On either side of you in the lobby, still photos from the feature movie would grace the walls, held on the cork background with tacks. Caligula had a plathora of lobby stills, most of which were taken by official Penthouse Photographers during the actual shoot. That is why half of the Lobby Stills are not in the damn movie. The main photographers were Mario Tursi, Stan Malinowski, and Eddie Adams. All the photos used as Lobby Stills were stamped "N.V. Filimpex S.A."
Set of 19 Lobby Stills-1980- 11 3/4" by 9 1/2"
Set of 11 Lobby Stills-1980- 8" by 10"