Lori Wagner
Lori Wagner: Environmentalist! This just in (Oct 2002), Lori Wagner, actress, comedian, rock n' roller, and exotic dancer, is now also an active environmental campaigner. Lori opposes the American Government's plan to dump high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountian, about 90 miles north-west of her adopted city of Las Vegas. In the June 2002 Issue of Penthouse, Lori wrote an extensive article on the subject. As well, she was featured on many national radio stations, and was invited to coffee by the mayor of Las Vegas! Lori warned that if the Yucca Nuclear Waste Plan is not scrapped, we might see 3 breasted one legged dancers in the not so distant future as a result of the contamination!

Here's more about Lori! She's a true star!

Lory Kay Wagner was born in Whittier, California in 1953. Here she won a formidable number of beauty crowns before she tired of her text books at California State College, and took off to Europe to learn about life.

In time she came to New York City, and by the time she joined Penthouse in 1975, she was acting on Broadway, being featured in "Hair" and "Let my people come".

At the time of her debut in Penthouse in May 1975, Lori was 22 years old, and went under the stage name of Octavia Corriell. Gernot Plitz photgraped Lori in a sequence of delicately composed but earthy and erotic images. It's interesting that she picked a Roman name to use! In the pictorial write up, it reads, "Like her namesake, Octavian, the First Emperor of Rome, Octavia Corriell has the hauteur of a monarch". At the time of her photo shoot, Lory lived in Beverly Hills where she was employed in acting and singing. Her measurments were 35-22-35. She went on to say that she "wanted every possible attribute of success".

I believe that Caligula was her first major film, and it seems by the time she was signed to do the movie, about August 1976, she dropped the Octavia and was using Lori. She was promised a speaking part in the movie, and left "Let my people come" on Broadway (which had premiered on July 5th at the Morosco Theatre) to do the movie. Her character in Caligula was Agrippina, the younger sister of Caligula, but that is never played up in the movie. ("Let my people Come" closed after 106 performances)

Lori, Anneka and Jane Hargrave were the first of the 12 Pets to fly to Rome, and the only 3 that were there for the entire movie production. It seemed that even in the beginning of the movie shoot that Lori and Anneka di Lorenzo were close, and they are featured together in many scenes in the background, two I can think of are the killing of Proculus and Caesonia's Dance. (Jane's in those scenes too!) As Lori and Anneka were so close, they knew that they really wanted to do something together. Bob was pretty sure he was going to shoot the extra footage, and most of the people involved knew about it in December 1976. At the end of the regular shoot, Tinto gave all the main actors in the movie a gold medal that read, "Tinto's Caligula 1976".

Lori and Anneka's famous lesbian scene was shot over several days in the early part of January 1977. There was a lot of footage shot that wasn't used, such as the scene were Lori and Anneka admire the statues that Caligula had put horse heads on. Lori and Anneka were also featured in the extra Imperial Bordello scenes with about 8 other pets, and about 4 Roman Extras, including Lucky Fellowes.

As well, Lori was featured in the film, "The Making of Gore Vidal's Caligula". Only she and Jane Hargrave gave exclusive interviews for this film, which saw the light of day about 1981, although it was shot much earlier. In the interview Lori talked about her scenes with Anneka. All the footage for this hour long cockumentary was shot in 1976 and 1977. It's possible that Jane and Lori's interviews were a little after 1977, but probably not much.

Franco Rossellini, one of the co-producers of Caligula, had already planned to shoot a quickie film using all the sets from the former movie. Because the shooting of Caligula ran until the middle of January 1977, the shooting of "Messalina! Messalina!" didn't start until the early spring. Rossellini was the only original person from the Production team of Caligula, although Bob Guccione had planned to help out. But, at this point Bob was tied up with the Caligula editing and the battle with Tinto Brass. I'm sure both Bob and Franco decided to cast Anneka di Lorenzo as the star of this film, with Lory Kay Wagner getting second billing. Messalina! Messalina! was a sex comedy with lots of fun gore. Originally shot in Italian, it was dubbed for the English market, and came out in Italy in August 1977. This film was actually Lori's first by order of release. Next was Caligula, which premired at Cannes in May 1979, and then the "Making of Gore Vidal's Caligula" which came out in 1981.

The director of Messalina! Messalina! was Bruno Corbucci, who also wrote the story. I would have to think he was easier to get along with.

The big year for Caligula was in 1980 when it was finally released to the world. Penthouse did alot of promotion. In 1981, a full color book, "The Girls of Caligula" was published, and featured Lori and Anneka's love scenes, the first time they were reprinted. In 1985, Caligula came out on video, and more promotion was done.

Lori took the heat from the critics though, for the Lesbian tryst, the orgy on the boat, and for pissing on a dead man. (Proculus). Lori left the Big Apple and went into retreat, and didn't come out for almost 8 years!

The next movie Lori was in was the 1988 film, "Trained to Kill". She next landed a small part in Weird Al Yankovic's 1989 hit, "U.H.F.", in which she played a female mud wrestler.

In Feb 1991, Penthouse reprinted for a second time, the famous "Love Scene" pictures from Caligula. his may have been what sparked Anneka di Lorenzo in suing Guccione and Company. Billed as "The Greatest Love Scene in Movie History", the pictures still held up well after the then 14 years. As well, Lori got a brand new pictorial, with photos taken by Warren Tang. She was 38, and still had her natural breasts, so I'm thinking she got her breast job done between '91 and '95.

In 1995, Lori took part in "Nudes A' Poppin' 2", a nude/strip contest held at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, IN. This contest was released on video as "Buttman at Nudes a' poppin' 2".

Lori seems to have given up on regular movies, and by 1995-96 she was making soft porns with Ron Jeremy and Playboy Playmate Julie Strain. Two titles from this time period were "Frankenpenis" (with John Wayne Bobbitt) and "Dark Secrets". Apparently Lori's part in Dark Secrets was quite small, and did not involve any sex. Of Frankenpenis, one reviewer on the Adult Movie Database said he was not impressed with her breast implants, and that she had a tired looking body.

As well in 1996, Lori was featured in a film called "Mr. Pussyman Auditions #22". On his site, Mr. Pussyman says that Lori wasn't actually that interested in porn, it seems it was for the money. At that time in '96 she was also trying a side career as a comedian. This explains all the jokes on her personal site! In the film Lori ends up sitting on Mr. Pussyman's face, and she tells jokes while he eats her! That is a must see!

Lori's most recent adult film was called "Busty Bombshells" and was released in 1997. After "Busty Bombshells" Lori called it quits for the silver screen.

By 1999, Lori was dancing part-time at the "Crazy Horse Two" club in Las Vegas. That same year she participated in the "Topless Dancer World Championships" with about 80 other girls. This contest was held at the Stardust in Las Vegas. A video and DVD of the event can be ordered here at
Bluedoor Video.

In October 2000 Lori was interviewed in Las Vegas Life Magazine, and talked about her career as a stripper. I will find a link so this interview can be read. As well, a video company starting to sell back catalogue repackaged videos of Lori's with new titles, and catered them to men who prefer older women! Lori was appalled when she heard about this, but it seems like it's not really worth fighting.

Recently, Lori has returned to her love of  music, working on original material. After the September 11th 2001 tragedy, Lori wrote the song, "Everything Changed (This Morning)", in her new rockier style. To her right now, music is the most important thing to her.

You can check out everything that is Lori at her site.

As we can see above, Lori made her Breast investment with her earnings! It was interesting to learn that she was doing soft porn, but she has aged very well!
Beautiful together! On the left, Lori and Anneka ham it up on the set, and above, they do thier "thang" during the Vestal Virgin sequence. Both of these pictures are probably from November 1976.
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Here are 3 of Lori's best pix from her 1975 Penthouse debut. She was a beautiful woman and never needed to enhance her body, it was perfect the way it was. Silly Girl! Below left is the best picture from her brand new spread in the Feb 1991 issue of Penthouse. The magazine cover is also shown. On the far right is a pic taken after the boob job. Lori does a very candid 2007 interview that is included in the new Imperial Edition of the Caligula re-issue. This 3 DVD set is worth every penny.
This is the Feb 1991 issue of Penthouse, and not only includes a re-print of Lori and Anneka's love scenes, it also includes a new spread which includes the awesome picture on the left. The picture on the right is undated, but I'd guess it's from 2000.