Anneka and Lori's Love Scenes
And so it begins, one of the greatest on screen couplings in film history, not just porn for porns sake, but a sexual discovery. Lori Wagner on the left, and Anneka Di Lorenzo on the right, begin thier mutual exploration.
Anneka gets things going and lives her fantasy of womanly love
Lori wastes no time in returning the favour, and Anneka is quite pleased with the turn of events.
Lori gets aggresive and gets a work out at the same time!
Lori leaves no inch undiscovered, this is new territory for her as well
Why just enjoy one when you can double your pleasure!
Above, Anneka gets it right the first time! Ah, to be a gaffer on the set that fateful January of 1977! Below is a very cool and rare picture during the actual shooting. I beleive this is from Bob's personal collection. Thanks to R.J. Buffalo for this pic.
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