Lucky Fellows
Lucky can be seen in the top right corner. Signe Berger is busy on his manhood, while Henrietta Kelogg helps by stroking. Below is an interview Tomas conducted with Lucky, who is the very first cast member from Caligula to contact us. His is a great story!
Exclusive Interview with actor Lucky Fellows
CS=Caligula SuperSite, and LF=Lucky Fellows
One of those most talked about sequences in the movie, "Caligula", is the double blow-job scene that ends the Imperial Bordello scene and takes us into the "Battle of Britian" sequence. In the famous scene, the girls are well known, that is Valerie Rae Clark on the left, and Anneka Di Lorenzo on the right. But who belongs to the cock that both girls are so dilegently sucking on? It was the member of a very well endowed 18 year old extra, known only by his stage name, "Lucky Fellows". Lucky is the very first cast member that we have had contact with, and he has been very helpful in telling us which girls were in which scene, and who was doing what to whom! This interview was conducted over 3 different e-mails written between April 30th and June 17th 2002.

CS- Hi Lucky, first thing we have to ask is why have you contacted the Caligula Supersite?
LF- Well, since the re-release of the film, "Caligula", I have periodically scanned the web for any info on the
         film, since I was in it, if only for a 5 minute un-credited performance.
CS- But what a five minutes!
LF- That is true! Well, back in April I decided to run another search, and came across your Caligula site. I
         felt great when I saw the picture of my shaft between those girlies, Valerie Rae Clark and Anneka Di
         Lorenzo. I felt compelled to contact you, as you had identified some of the girls incorrectly!
CS- Ha! The error of our ways was actually a plus, it's great to be talking to you! You will be able to answer
        so many questions for us!
LF- I hope so, what's your first question?
CS- Well, first, tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you came to be involved in the film.
LF- Okay, I was born on the outskirts of Rome in 1958. My mother was British, and my father was a
         native Roman. We moved back to my mother's county in the early 1960's, residing in London. After
         I graduated from school I applied to University, and deferred for 2 years, having decided to take a
         year off to travel.  I had studied art history, and decided to return to Rome to live a little life. During
         this time, I lived with relatives from my fathers side of the family, and had half a flat to myself. I
         secured a job as a waiter at a nearby pub/cafe which provided a great alibi whenever I stayed out
         late in the night!
CS- I suppose the cafe was a great place to meet new people?
LF- Oh yes, in fact, some friends I had made at the Cafe were performers who were into drama, and they
         told me all about the casting call for this notorious film being made.
CS- The notorious film being Caligula?
LF- Yes, exactly! I didn't know about the movie, but my friends filled me in, so on a lark we went to Dear
         Studios to find out more!
CS- Did you have any idea what you might be in for?
LF- I had a pretty good idea. The rumours were wild of all the strange things going on behind the studio
CS- Were you nervous?
LF- Not really, I was a real exhibitionist when I was younger! I had been popular with girls in London,
        and had enjoyed frequent sexual experiences. The girls liked my dark features, and I wasn't shy at
        all. I was quite confident when I was in Rome, and had two girlfriends at the time!
CS- So you were a ladies man?
LF- (Laughs) Yes, I'd say so. I really enjoyed sex!
CS- So what happened at Dear Studios?
LF- There must have been hundreds and hundreds of young people there waiting to be interviewed, some
          seemed older than me, and some seemed younger. There was a lot of waiting and queing and all of
          that. A lot of the young Italiennes were absolutely gorgeous. When we were interviewed, in most
          cases, separately, our photographs were taken, our voices recorded, and then the individuals taking
          charge of the operation had us try on various dowdy costumes.
CS- Did you have an agent?
LF- No, none of us did. We were all anonymous extras, not stars. We really didn't get the low-down until I
        was called back for a second interview. My two friends were not called back.
CS-About when was this? And what happened?
LF- It was about Autumn of 1976, and they were a little more bold with the second interview. They asked me
         if I would be willing to be filmed nude, and have sex in front of the camera. When I said yes, they
         asked me to strip. We were in a small room, much like the one shown in "The Making of Gore Vidal's
         Caligula" movie. They asked me to get erect, and so a fluffer helped me get "up", and they were all
         impressed with the size. They took more snap-shots. After that, they brought some girls in, and
         tried to match me with a girl that looked good together with me. They took more pictures, and then
         sent me on my way.
CS- Wern't your relatives wondering what you were up to? Did they know about the movie?
LF- There were some questions, and I told them I was simply applying for a job with the catering company
         that was working on the movie set.
CS- And they had no idea?
LF- None. I don't think they could have imagined me doing those things they had heard about!
CS- And from there?
LF- I went for a third interview. It was pretty much the same as the 2nd one, except this time they actually
          filmed me in the costumes and with other girls, but not in a sexual nature.
CS- Did you ever get wind of what was going on with the making of the movie, or see the stars?
LF- No, I had no contact with other actors, and I was only allowed to go in certain areas of the studio. There
         was a very tight schedule, and security was quite enforced.
CS- How so?
LF- I had an Identification Card, and there were armed guards at the gates! There was quite alot of talk about
         the film, and the security guards didn't want anyone getting on the set and seeing what was going on,
         they wanted the speculation to run high!
CS- The production was fanning the flames of rumours?
LF- Oh, very much so. It was the single most talked about event in Rome! I was told not to disclose anything
         to the press or family, in order to keep the project a secret.
CS- Did you have a problem with that?
LF- None what so ever, it was very exciting, like a James Bond story!
CS- Please carry on....
LF- Most of the time I was comfortable being naked because I was a real exhibitionist. I was excited about
         the initial prospect. The more I went back, the more comfortable I got with the girls there. Most of
         the young ladies I saw there were local extras, but I did see a couple from Penthouse who looked
         breath-takingly more sexy each time I saw them. I made friends with with two female extras, and
         also a bloke who playing a soldier. The two female extras I knew had scenes scrubbing the floors,
         the sequence with the birth of Julia Drusilla, and the wedding of Proculus and Livia. These girls
         actually got close to the real stars in the movie!
CS-So with the third call-back, you were feeling pretty well at ease?
LF- Yes, it was pretty cool to be in the studio, hanging out with very pretty girls, and having people take
        pictures of my naked body. But after that third time it looked like that was it.
CS- How so?
LF- Well, I went for months without a word, and then a week or so before Christmas 1976, I got a phone
CS-Your fourth call back?
LF- Yes, the fourth and the best! They asked me if I would be up for some  "Intense Filming" after
         Christmas. I knew what that meant, and I said yes, I would be there!
CS- This would be the famous footage shot after the initial filming?
LF- Exactly. It was Bob Guccione and Giancarlo Lui with a small crew.
CS- Did you have any reservations?
LF- The only thing I was really worried about was going soft during the shoot! I was afraid that with an
         audience, and maybe the pressure to perform, I might not be able to rise to the occasion!
CS- But it turned out okay?
LF- (Laughs) Oh yes, it turned out Very Okay!
CS- How did they get the ball rolling?
LF- First off, I had to sign a release form stating that I would not file a suit against the Production Company,
         and the footage they shot was too be used however they saw fit.
CS- And once the paperwork was finished?
LF- Well, Bob Guccone was the director, and basically told us that we were in an orgy, and he wanted lots
         of sex. He wanted us to look like we were enjoying it (that wasn't hard!), and do as much to as many
         different people. There were some female extras, the 10 Penthouse Pets, and about 4 or 5 guys very
         much like me, young with big cocks!
CS- What was the atmosphere like?
LF-  If you can beleive it, the atmosphere was very business like. Although we were all naked most of the
         time, we wern't shagging in between. They would call "action", and we'd do our thing, and they would
         yell "cut", and we'd stop! There was a lot of joking and things of this kind.
CS- What was the hygiene like?
LF- The Hygiene was excellent! We showered before and after the filming, rehearsing and auditioning. The
         costumes were a bit daft and uncomfortable, they were really flimsy and gaudy too! This was a sexual
         free for all.
CS- How many times did you come?
LF- I blew my load upwards of 20 times or more, since there were other sex scences involving shagging with
        the same girls and others. we were told to "go at it" and yes, if we felt like moaning, we did that too!
        It was pretty noisy in the studio!  
CS- But it was fun?
LF- Yes! Fun, but very intense and exhausting....but it was an unbelievable rush. The Imperial Bordello
         Scene was shot over a series of long days, and also featuring myself in fragmented scenes involving
         fellatio, coitus, and cunnilingus. These appeared as mere "clips" in the Bordello Scene! The girls
         changed thier costumes frequently as well as partners!
CS- What can you tell us about your big scene?
LF- Well, the scene that concluded the Imperial Bordello Sequence was not originally shot as a conclusion
          during the filming, and was re-shot again and again until it was just right. That scene was shot with
          Valerie Rae Clark and Anneka Di Lorenzo, and as well, a identical "joint-effort" was carried off by
          Signe Berger and Henrietta Kelogg (also known as Rhiana Post!)  (The picture at the top of this
          page shows the scene with Signe and Henrietta, they are on the far right, with Lucky sandwiched
          inbetween!) The filming was rough because I just kept coming and coming. It was intense!
CS- Did you ever imagine it would be like that?
LF- Never! I had no idea how fun, and at the same time, hard it would be. The scenes were shot over 3
         days, with 2 days off inbetween. Most of the early filming consisted of fore-play leading up to the
CS- Did you ever get sick of having sex with these beautiful girls?
LF- No! It was every boys fantasy! To be filmed ejaculating with beautiful girls, and getting paid for it! In
         the scene with Signe Berger and Henrietta Kelogg, it was Henrietta who swallowed my load exactly
         as Anneka did.
CS- But her scenes never made it into the movie?
LF- No, unfortunatly it ended up on the cutting room floor.
CS- Or in somebodies home movie collection?
LF- You never know!
CS- How were things left after the filming was finished?
LF- As far as the girlies from Penthouse, once the filming was done, so was the contact. I also remember
        Anneka being much older than me. (About 7 years) I kept in contact with the two female extras that
         I had met, for about a year afterwards. They were students too. I stayed in touch with the bloke who
         played a soldier too. I was actually glad to be getting done with it!
CS- Offhand, was there a lot of people involved in the making of the movie?
LF- Hmmm....there must have been almost a thousand young people and youngish people involved in the
         auditions alone. Not to mention the film crew, caterers, the famous actors, thier agents, and so on and
         so on. Many many people.
CS- Did Piernico Solinas try to contact you for when he wrote his book, "The Ultimate Porno: The Making
         of a Sex Collosal"?
LF- Not that I am aware of. But I left Rome when I was 20, and went to University abroad, so I may have
         been hard to track down!
CS- What was your impression of Bob Guccione?
LF- I found him to be a very "take charge" kind of guy. Very organized.
CS-What was your fee for appearing in the movie?
LF- That remains private! But I will say it was US Cash, and it was much more than a waiter was used
        to getting!
CS- It's interesting to note that many of the people who starred in the film turned thier back on it because it
         did not make them International Stars. Anneka Di Lorenzo said it ruined her movie hopes!
LF-I think the big problem was that it took so long to come out, and people's career's took a turn in the mean
        time. I gave up that the movie would ever be shown, and was surprised when I got the word that it
        was finally being shown.
CS- And you saw it then for the first time?
LF- Yes. the first time I saw the finished film was at Cannes in the middle of May, 1979. I was on holiday
        from University. My mail had been forwarded to me, and there was a personal invitation for a private
        screening. So off I went!
CS- And what was your reaction?
LF- Shock! When I saw that they used my ejaculation scene as a pivotal scene going from one sequence to
         another, I couldn't beleive it. I was huge on the screen, and everybody was silent in the theatre. I
         remember that orgasm being so terribly intense I thought I'd go absolutely bonkers or just die there
         on the floor cushions! I told the girl that I was dating at the time, that that was me on the screen, and
         she too went into shock!
CS- How did she handle it after that?
LF- She didn't, she was gone after a month. It bothered her that not only did I have paid sex on film, I also
         has mulitple partners!
CS- A big price to pay for fame?
LF- Not really, there were other girls! I was too turned on at the time, realizing that millions of movie-goers
        were going to see me blow my load. And see Anneka swallow a living part of me! It was very personal
        and at the same time very passionate! My initial shock turned into a huge turn on!
CS- But your family never knew about you being in the movie?
LF- That is right. Mom and Dad continue to have no idea of my involvment in the film. They have heard
         about the film, but have never seen it.
CS-Thankfully! Any other strange stories?
LF- As a matter of fact, yes! I was in Barcelona in 1984, and I was hanging out at a certain club. All of a
         sudden my ejaculation scene from Caligula came up on the wall sized video screen, it just played
         over and over again, while Frankie Goes To Hollywood pulsated on the sound system. That was
         surreal! It was quite an experience! I kept it to myself that time!
CS-Probably a good idea! And the next time you veiwed the movie?
LF- In September 1999, when Penthouse re-issued it in theatres again. It was then I noticed that the version
        that was shown originally at Cannes was three and a half hours long, and the version that ended up in
        the theatres was just over 2 and a half hours. The shorter version was more interesting.
CS- And your thoughts at that viewing?
LF- It was still shocking to see my shaft so pronounced, but as I looked around the theatre, all eyes were
         on the screen!
CS- Thanks for answering all our questions so honestly and thoughfully!
LF- Your welcome

Posted June 25th 2002    
Lucky Fellows 5 minutes of fame! You only see his face once in the movie, (In an earlier Bordello scene), but his cock is there for all to see, over 25 years after the fact! In the picture on the left, Valerie Rae Clark takes it all, and on the pictures on the right, Anneka Di Lorenzo gives it a suck. At the time, Lucky was 18, Valerie was 20, and Anneka was 25. Movie history in the making!
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The 8 pictures above (and one below) are Valerie and Anneka's famous scene with Lucky. The most famous cock in cinema!