Gallery 3: The Making of Caligula
Above, Jane Hargrave and Anneka D'Lorenzo getting ready for the Temple of Isis scenes. Right, Anneka watches as Lori Wagner gets made up by an assistant.
Jane Hargrave gets some attention on the lower left picture, and below, the largest prop ever built (by 1976 anyway), a 175 foot full scale Roman Sailing Vessel, the Imperial Bordello.
Finishing touches are applied to Lori Wagner. She and Anneka were featured in many scenes in the film. Below, Guido Mannari, Malcolm McDowell, Peter O'Toole and John Gielgud relax during the shooting over the summer of 1976.
Above left, Dec 1976, Malcolm and Helen relax during the shooting of the climatic ending. Above right, the Temple of Isis scenes, Nov 1976. Below Giancarlo Lui and Bob Guccione discuss a shot in the early stages of the shoot.
To the right, cartoonist Bill Lee, who drew a hilarious set of cartoons depicting life in Rome during the time of Caligula. I hope to get them up on the site once all the pictures from May 1980 and June 1980 Penthouse are all up. Please keep checking the site!
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