Melanie Sutherland
Finally, pictures of Mel Sutherland! In the picture below you can see her Crescent Moon tattoo, one of the few pets to sport a tat I'm sure!  So all you Caligula film worshippers, next time you watch the movie, see if you can spot Mel and her tell-tale on her inner right thigh! Oh, Mel was 19 when these pictures were shot, this makes her one of the youngest pets, while Bonnie Dee takes the cake for being the most ancient! Scroll down to see 2 more pix of Mel from 1976.                                                                          (added May 14th 2002 & Oct 23 2004)
Above, October 1975, below April 1976
A neat surprise, in the April 1976 issue Mel is featured in a lame pictorial called "Auto Erotic". You might notice that the tattoo is on her other thigh, I think the reason is that the negative was flipped over. Or I could be right out to lunch, what so you think?