Mirella D'Angelo
On the cover of Penthouse-May 1980 - Photo by the great photographer Eddie Adams.
Another great shot by Eddie Adams, on the set of Caligula.
In Federico Fellini's 1980 film, "La Citta' Delle Donne" (City of Women) Submitted photo above and screengrab below. Mirella played a Mock Bridegroom in the film.
In the film "Le Guignolo" with Jean-Paul Belmondo from 1980.  
Mirella D'Angelo was born in Rome, Italy, and made her first film at the age of 18, 'Terminal' from 1974.

At the time Tinto Brass asked Mirella to audition for Caligula, she was a very successful fashion model in Paris. She informed Tinto she would take the role, but would not audition for it.

After the filming was done in 1976 Mirella continued to have a successful movie career; she and Helen Mirren had that in common. Mirella has worked with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claudia Cardinale and Federico Fellini, whom she befriended in 1992.

Mirella and Teresa Ann Savoy shared the screen in the historical epic, "Tigre e Ancora Viva" which was set in India.

In 1983 Mirella appeared in Dario Argento's horror film, "Tenebrae", which also featured John Steiner.

By 1996 she had worked in thirty different film projects, as well as some live theatre too, and decided to take a break. When her daughter was born, she took time off for herself. Recently Mirella has found a new energy and wants to get back to work in writing, acting or even producing. 

Mirella is an Italian actress who has a small but pivital part in Caligula, and was featured on the cover of the May 1980 issue of Penthouse, but thankfully not in the 1981 Girls of Caligula book.

She played Livia in the movie, and her feature scene was when she is defiled by Caligula during the wedding feast. Even in this scene, by the way she looks at Proculus as she is about to be forcefully taken, we can see that Mirella really is a great actress, and deserved a little more dialogue in this movie.

In June of 2012 Mirella contacted me, so I will be getting her page here on the site exactly how she wants it. All the pictures on this page have been approved by her and I will add more as time allows.