Penthouse Records
Penthouse has issued at least 7 records that I know of, 4 albums, 1 mini-album, and 2 singles. If you have knowledge of more, please send me an e-mail. Mail Tomas
3.    1978     Love Symphony Orchestra   Penthouse Records PR100
                    Talpro Productions Inc.

                      features gatefold sleeve, poster and several pictures of pets

                     3 Tracks: 1) Let's Make Love in Public Places
                                   2)  Let Me Be Your Fantasy
                                   3)  The Football Stadium

"Penthouse presents pulsating Disco and romantic sounds for loving and dancing", and with that, Penthouse went from pornographic country and entered the Disco scene in 1978. The record contains 3 tracks, produced by Mitchell H. Farber, recorded and mixed at RCA studios in New York. Engineer was Pat Martin, and the band was Cliff Carter on keys and synth, Hiram Bullock on guitar, Neil Jason on bass, Andy Newmark on drums, Sam Figueroa and Ray Chew on percussion, Dave Nadian on strings, and Charles Libove, Max Polikoff, Sanford Allen, Paul Gershman, Harry Cykman, Mathew Raimondi, Robert Rozek, concert masters. Lou Marini played the Flute and Fluegel horn. Vocals by Diva Gray and Neil Sheppard. Voices by Lani Groves, Yvonne Lewis, Gwen Guthrie, and Randy Brecker (Blood, Sweat & Tears fame). The song, "Let me be your fantasy" was a key track, and became an underground classic. It's actually included on the 2001 issued CD, "
Disco Spectrum 2: Real Disco for Real People" which was put together by Joey Negro. The tracks were written by Mitchell H. Farber and Neil Sheppard.      
4.  Nov 14th 1980    Caligula Soundtrack    Penthouse Records PR 101

"We Are One" Recordings:

Musicians: Ted Ashford-Synth (He was from "Heartsfield" 1970-1977)
                  Arthur Carter Fox-Drums (He was from CA band "Weirdos")
                  Chris Kelly-Drums
                  Toni Guccione Biggs Andrews-Bass, Lyrics and Production.
                  Jeffrey Jay Craig-Guitar
Lydia Van Huston-Vocals
Douglas Wayne Meador-Keys (from Madam X, Geisha, solo)
                  Al Caps-String & Horn Arrangment

"Symphonic" Recordings:

Recorded by the Royal Italian Symphonia 1978 in Rome, Italy
Arrangements and conductor- Paul Clemente
Produced, edited  & remixed by Toni Biggs & Jack Andrews 1980
7.  Late 1982    Threshold-Mini LP       Penthouse Records PR 2001-Mini LP

    Musicians:    Jeffrey Jay Craig- Guitar
                       Douglas Wayne Meador-Keys
                       Jim Seneca Jensen-Bass/Keys
                       Steven Earl Gardner-Drums
                       Tonina Guccione Biggs Andrews-Vocals 
                       Jim Horn-Sax (Session Jazz Player)

After the original LP failed to chart, or sell, or get played, Penthouse decided to cut thier losses a little, and issued this stripped down version of the original LP. It is thought the 6 strongest songs were put on this record, 4 as they appeared on the original LP, and two remixes, "Love Somebody (Street Version)" and
"Night Flyer (Dance Version)". Apparently Threshold tried to carry on as a live band after Doug left the studio in 1982, but they didnt get too far. The novelity of Bob Guccione's daughter fronting a rock band must have worn off. There may have been some other single releases as well. Research continues.
5.   Nov 14th 1980    We Are One-Caligula Love Theme     PR 101-S

              7" Single, "Special DJ Edition"
                 1)  We Are One-Caligula Love Theme (3:22)
                 A)  We Are One-Caligula Love Theme-Dance Version (2:45)

These are slightly different mixes than appear on the 12" Versions that come with the Soundtrack Album. The single was commercially released, and also sent to radio and clubs. Now that we know when this record was issued, I may take another look at Billboard, there still is a chance it could have made some inroads.
6) Spring 1982- Threshold-The Debut LP            Penthouse PR 2001

After the Caligula sessions, Toni had the music "bug", and she wanted to make more music, so "Threshold" was formed. Toni has always been the closest to her father of his 5 children, and she has reaped the rewards.
Musicians: Toni Guccione Biggs-Vocals, Lyrics, Music, Production, Design
                 Jim Horn-Sax
                 Jeff J. Craig-Guitar
                 Doug W. Meador-Keyboards
                 Jim S. Jenson-Bass
                 Steve E. Gardner-Drums

The songs: Don't Burn your bridges, Night Flyer, 2000 Light Years, New Friend, American Dream, Love Somebody, My heart can't take it, One of these days, Shelter, Believe in me, and Still know how to Rock and roll.

                                Toni Biggs at the recording console-1982
1. 1976  Chinga Chavin's Country Porn        Country Porn 101
              7" Single  Asshole From El Paso/Head Boogie

2. 1976  Chinga Chavin's Country Porn        Country Porn 666
              Album "County Porn"   LP featured 10 tracks, the Cd issued in 1992
                                                 featured 4 bonus cuts, I list all 14 tracks:
            Track Listing: Talkin' Matamuro's First Piece of Ass Blues, Asshole from
                                  El Paso, Cum stains on my pillow, Head Boogie, Sit Sit Sit
                                  (On my face), Dry humping in the back of a 55 Ford, Get it
                                  on the run, Tit Stop Rock, 4:00 AM Jump, Cum unto Jesus
                                  (A Sacred Tune), Bennies and a beer, No sell out too small,
                                  Jailbait, & Scum Floats.
Nick "Chinga" Chavin was born in 1944, and put this collection of music together about 1975. It came to the attention of Bob Guccione, who decided to sell the LP and Tape through Penthouse Magazine by mail order beginning in 1976. They shifted over 100,000 units, and the single was also released as a promo to D.J.'s. "Cum stains on my pillow" is still a staple on some late night radio broadcasts. The LP was issued in Canada on Attic-LAT 1094, and in 1992 it was issued on CD with 4 bonus tracks. Check out