Gallery One
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And so the epic begins! Our buddy Rasputin calls this the "Pastoral Scene", and believes that Mirella D'Angelo is one of the Priestess's with the horses on the right! He thinks the cover photo from the May 1980 Penthouse with Mirella is from this scene. Mirella is shown on that cover with Incitatus. Thanks Rasputin!
The wonderful Vestal Virgins/Temple of Isis scene on the left, and the delightful Teresa Ann Savoy on the right. Read J.E. Chaffin's bio on her HERE.
Malcolm McDowell on the left, and the equally brave and talented Helen Mirren on the right.
On the left, Caligula is not so sure if he should sample the cup of wine before the Emperial Taste Tester does. On the right Caligula wishes to bestow the Emperial Wedding Wishes on the new Groom and Bride. We already know he hates Proculus because of his "bushy head of hair" and loathes Livia because she is so pure. Great production stills.
The cruel rape of Livia while Proculus helplessly watches on.
The very beautiful and under rated Mirella D'Angelo on the left, and on the right Livia suspects the Emperor is up to no good. The rat bastard.
A great production still of the wedding feast.
Proculus is thrown into the ring under the orders of Caligula to Longinus. This scene was cut from the final edit of the film, with the exception of Version #8, issued in 1985, where it was restored in full. Proculus defends himself from the items pelted at him by the mob in the stands, and then climbs up on the killing machine. Caligula salutes him for his bravery. In front of the crowd. Later, he has Proculus murdered. Below Proculus reaches the top of the fictional Killing Machine. These 2 pictures are transposed, meaning they are flipped the wrong way, I have lobby stills that are faced up the right way. They will be posted soon.
Two un-used scenes. On the left Caesonia comforts Caligula during the Blackbird sequence in which he has seen his death. Another shot from this scene is HERE. On the right Caligula wants to have some fun after a boring morning sealing documents. Mop Top is ready to party, and I shall refer to him as "Party Boy".
On the left, and un-used Tinto Brass scene where Messalina and Agrippina admire the statues that Caligula has improved with Horse Heads. On the right, Proculus is murdered while Tragedy and Comedy help out. Proculus is pissed on by Agrippina (Lori Wagner) and then has his cock cut of at the instruction of Longinus. It is sent to Livia as a token of thier undying love. It's not even really mentioned in the film that Agrippina was a younger sister of Caligula. She would have been 22 when Caligula became Emperor, and 26 when he died.
The birth of Julia Drusilla
The Imperial Pleasure Barge. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!