Promotional Material from the movie "Caligula"
This is a 20 page program from Japan, promoting the movie, and is from about 1980. The text is in Japanese, with the cast listed in both Japanese and English. There are tonnes of pictures. This was added on June 30th 2001.
This is the original VHS of Caligula as released in France.
To the left is an Australian Daybill, and is from about 1980. It seems the movie was promoted very well in Australia.
To the right is a really cool german poster from the movie. I shoulda bought this damn thing when I saw it on ebay! Right below, is a different German poster, which I also didn't buy! (added Feb 23/02)
How cool is this? To bid or not to bid, that is the question! An awesome Caligula Collectable. It's a medium sized shirt, probably given away with a video purchase or rental. Added to the site April 1/02.
The Laserdisc of the movie. I guess this one runs 148 minutes, so some stuff has been cut out. Apparently there are supposed to be extra scenes at Tiberius' Grotto, which must be viewed separate from the movie, as it runs 8 minutes shorter than the DVD.
This is a special coin that was issued to promote the original 1980 movie. It would be a real cool item to own! (June 11/02)
'On the Wild Side' was originally a video issued in 1988, and is now a DVD. I highly recommend this DVD. There are some great scenes and also a very effective and edited down version of the 'Making of Caligula.' Please click HERE for more info!