The Rossellini Lobby Stills
Tiberius' Pleasure Grotto Exterior, possibly the Torture Ward, not used in the film. Is that a man "hanging" from the third pillar on the right? Below, part of the torture devices from the Pleasure Grotto/Torture Ward.
Still from the Pleasure Grotto Scene. Below, an extra gets made up for what I assume is still the Pleasure Grotto scene.
The "Third Hand" extra gets touched up for the Pleasure Grotto scene. Below, Tiberius gives Caligula a tour of the Pleasure Grotto.
More Conviction! We can almost hear Tiberius command his 'living statues' to cum to life. Below, another scene from the Pleasure Grotto that I don't recognize from the finished film. 
Another extra from the Pleasure Grotto scene, first shot is a serious one for the record books, and then she smiles for the camera!
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