The Penthouse Softball Team 1977-1980
The Penthouse Pets Softball Team was organized in 1977 by Penny Lane, who was a scout for Penthouse. The Team was put together to help charities, primarily the Ronald McDonald House. The coaches were from the West Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. There was no pay, it was all for promotion and charity. The girls on the team paid for thier own uniforms and supplies. The only thing Penthouse Covered was travel expenses. Girls that played included Valerie Rae Clark, Jeri Lee, Signe Berger and Lydia Van Huston. All were Pets except for Lydia. Valerie's manager made her quit because as a model she couldn't get bruised up or sun burnt. This could affect her career! The team usually played TV Show casts and radio stations. They played the cast of Happy Days and kicked butt! The girls always brought out a good crowd and a lot of money was raised for a good cause. I still hope to find out more about the team and who they played. Jeri gave me the article on the left and the great picture up top. I beleive that Jeri Lee is the girl on the bottom right corner. The Team was in no way connected with Caligula. It was to promote Penthouse and raise money. Who says that Porn doesn't do anything positive! Penthouse proves that it does! Read about the east coast (New York City) team HERE!
Penthouse Power 1980