Signe Berger
I have stated in the past that the above Imperial Bordello scene was un-used. However, I was wrong. It is used very briefly at the beginning of the Imperial Bordello sequence. I viewed the sequence on Oct 29th 2006, and it was there. In fact, I see many things that Valerie and Jane have talked about. Valerie was very visable in that sequence! Above, Signe is up in the top right corner with Lucky Fellows and Henrietta Kellog.  At the bottom left is Lori Wagner, and above her right in the yellow is Bonnie Dee Wilson. Below are 2 more pictures from Signe's Penthouse spread.
It was said that Signe fell in love with Bob Guccione's assistant while she was in Rome for the 10 days in 1976-7. They made a great couple, but when filming was finished, so were they. He was from New York, she from L.A., so they decided it wouldn't work. Plus back home she also had an older man she was dating.

Signe also played with Penthouse Power, the Penthouse Softball Team.
Updated October 28th 2006