Susanne Saxon
Another great production still, Susanne Saxon is in the middle (with the bare boobs), Bonnie Dee Wilson peaking behind her, Carolyn Patsis in the orange, Valerie Rae Clark, in the front (head of the class!),  and Lori Wagner to the right. (In the light blue dress).
Above- October 1976-Pet of the Month
The three pictures above are from her September 1978 pictorial. Can this woman be any more beautiful? Susanne was from the West Coast stable, and signed on for the hard core footage. She was Valerie's room-mate after Helen quit. By the time Caligula was released and flopped, she had decided to get out of nude modelling. Her pictures have also been published in Europe.
Susan M. Swanson was born in Joliet, IL on Dec 27th 1955. She attended Plainfield Schools in the area, and that's where she met Don Gettys about 1970. She and Don were friends for a very long time. She, Don and his girlfriend at the time used to sneak into rock clubs and loved to dance! In 1974 she left Joliet and headed to Texas. She hung out in Houston, doing drugs and having fun. She met Paul McCartney during a Wings tour. She was a cocktail waitress in Houston, and met her musician boyfriend here. He took her to L.A. and she fell in love with that city. She joined Penthouse at the age of 19, this may be when she adopted the stage name of Susanne Saxon. She had Hepatitis by this time, and gave it to her then boyfriend, Jonnie. In Oct 1976 she made her Penthouse Debut. Someone brought the magazine to her father Bud's place of work, the Firehall in Joliet, he didn't take it well.
After Caligula was shot in January of 1977, Susanne went to Japan for 6 months. When Don's girlfriend joined the Navy in 1977, he and Susanne hooked up and became a couple for a while. Susanne did the Redd Foxx show at the end of 1977 as well with Valerie Rae Clark, Victoria Johnson and Jeri Lee. Susanne also posed for the Average White Band's 'Warmer Communication' LP in 1978. Susanne wanted to get out of nude modelling. She was on an episode of 'Soap' and was also featured in the Bert Convy movie, "Racquet" in 1979. She married in the 80's in Los Angeles, then came back home to clean up in 1984. Don and Susanne dated again in this period. In the 90's she moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, with her parents and sister, and married her 2nd husband, a man by the name of Pearce.

Susan M. Swanson died on September 4th 2006 at her home in Hot Springs, AR. She was just short of 51 years old and was the first known Pet to pass on. She was survived by her parents and two sisters. It seems she and Mr. Pearce were not together at the time of her death as she was known as Ms. Swanson. 

At the time of her death, Susan was a hostess at the Arlington Hotel, and also attended the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Hot Springs Village, AR.
The very beautiful Susanne Swanson modelled for many different projects. Here she is on the cover of the The Average White Band's LP, Warmer Communications, issued in 1978.
As mentioned above, Susanne made an appearence the Bert Convy movie, Racquet. The film was released in June 1979. The film flopped but it didn't hurt her career.
Susanne Saxon was an amazingly beautiful woman. These five pictures are from the "Love Set" called 'The Lady and the Stableboy' shot by Earl Miller and used in the May 1977 issue of Penthouse. Susan first appeared in Penthouse in October 1976, and was a regular in spreads, love sets, and fashion shoots. She was very versatile. Susan also appeared in Viva, Hustler and Oui. Susan loved the camera, and Earl Miller did her personality justice.
The four pictures directly below are from Suzanne's October 1976 debut in Penthouse. Because Susanne had a small frame but large natural breasts, she was a very in demand model. She must of wanted to push herself with Caligula.
Susanne did many fashion shoots. This one was called "Courting" and showed the fashion sense used by tennis players. This was from the May 1977 Penthouse. She must have been able to use this knowledge in the movie 'Racquet' in which she appeared in. A special thanks to Mike Cat for recognizing Susan in the Stableboy pictorial.