Complete Synopsis of the Movie
1.      In the opening scenes of the movie, Caligula is seen frolicking in the
         woods with his sister. Once they get home, they jump in the sack and
         chat. Caligula asks Drusilla about her fat husband, Marcellus. He
         insinuates he has also had sex with Marcellus.

2.      Macro mentions that his wife Ennia only awaits for the day she can
         see Caligula again.

3.      Caligula is called to Capri to see his grandfather, Tiberius.

4.      Macro tells Caligula to be wary of Nerva, who can tell what a person
         is thinking. This conversation is held while Caligula is carried in a
         covered litter to the Capri Palace.

5.      Nerva meets Caligula at 'Phallic Slope', and they walk from there to
         Tiberius' pool. As Caligula and Nerva chat, you can hear screams
         in the background. These were from the cut "Torture Ward" scenes. 

6.      Interesting to note that Claudius and Gemellus are at Capri. At the
         Pool in Tiberius' Pleasure Grotto, Tiberius' insists that Caligula
         do his "Little Boots" dance, which he does. Nursing mothers
         and naked children watch on. After the dance, Tiberius insists
         that little "Little fishes" swim. Tiberius comments, "I'm nursing a
         viper in Romes bosom".

7.      While giving Caligula a tour of his Palace, Tiberius has Macro tie
         a drunk Sentry's cock off while the Sentry is forced to drink a large
         amount of wine. A little later on, Tiberius splits the Sentrys gut
         open with a sword. As well, Caligula gets a tour of the "Villa of the  
         Monsters", which is Tiberius' pleasure grotto, filled with all kinds
         of deformed sexual wonders. Tiberius refers to them as living
         statues who "do!". This includes an orgy, a woman who puts a
         snake in her snatch, someone fucking a bull, the pussy paddler,
         a whip handle inserted in someones ass, and the best of Tiberius'
         Stallions doing what he does best. "More Conviction!"

8.      Caligula gets a bad omen when he see's a blackbird, after having
         a nightmare about 'brothers killing brothers'. I also see bad
         editing as this scene is back in Rome with Drusilla. Ennia enters the
         picture to congradulate Caligula on being a man, he has shaved for
         the first time. Ennia tells Caligula to take his destiny in his hands.
         Then they hear some noise.......

9.      Back in Capri Nerva has cut his wrists and is dying in his bathtub.
         Tiberius yells, "Cretins, why did you allow this!".  While Nerva
         dies Caligula asks him if he can see the Egyptian God, Isis. When
         Nerva says no, Caligula gets quite irate.

10.    Morning at Capri. More 'Torture Ward' scenes are used as we see
         bodies being taken off poles, and a head in a cage. Topless ladies
         clean the walkway to 'Phallic Slope'.

11.    Three Senators in Capri talk about Tiberius while enjoying a red
         mud bath, and one of them is accused of "You love the bastard!"
         (Tiberius) Caligula witnesses this outburst, and he fantasizes about
         people being brutally tortured.  (These scenes were lifted from
         the cut "Torture Ward" scenes. See
Deleted Scenes. )

12.    Macro swears his allegiance to Caligula with a big wet kiss, and
         by holding his fist over an open fire.

13.    Tiberius takes ill, and Macro kills him while Caligula looks on.
         Gemellus witnesses the murder, but pledges allegiance to the
         new Emperor. Macro tells Caligula to be wary of Gemellus.

14.     Caligula is granted the Caesarship (March 37 AD). Caligula grants
          a general amnesty. He makes the Senate and the people of Rome
          swear Allegiance to no only him, but his sister Drusilla as well.
          We get a view of Drusilla's unshaven arm pits. She later
          comments that the people were "appalled"! (By the allegiance,
          not by her pits!) In this scene, Drusilla plays with a Leppard cub.

15.     While in the bed-chamber, Caligula hears something, and finds
          young young men engaging in oral sex in a secret room. He chases
          them out. (You will notice the room is brick and dark in this scene,
          but made of white marble and bright when Messalina and
          Agrippina use it later on.)

16.     Drusilla tells Caligula to get rid of Macro. So in front of the Guard,
          he has Gemellus point out Macro as the real killer of Tiberius.
          The guards arrest Macro after Caligula gives them a bonus of 10
          Gold pieces each.

17.     Two Senators have Caligula judge a land dispute. Caligula "weighs"
          the evidence carefully and awards the larger of the two men as
          the winner of the case. "Justice must be impartial" Caligula remarks.
          There is a large black bird on a perch nearby. (This large man is
          the same one who offers his life to Jupiter when Caligula falls ill)

18.      While she is being masterbated on by several slaves, Ennia
           remarks to Caligula that she doesn't really want to move to
           Egypt after they marry. While Caligula urinates near-by, he
           carries on the conversation. Chaerea enters the room, and says
           that "it is done". Macro has been sentenced to death, and Chaerea
           is the new Commander of the Imperial Gaurd. When Ennia finds
           this out, she blurts,  "He made you!". Caligula has her banished to

19.      Drusilla laughs at Caligula when he says he wants to marry her.
           She insists that he find a "Roman woman of the Senatorial Class".
           She says that the Priestesses of Isis are meeting at her house later
           that night, and he can pick out a wife there. I refer to Drusilla's
           house as "The Temple of Isis".

20.      At the Temple of Isis, many Priestesses circle the outside of the
           pool, while many more enjoy a orgy inside the pool. Caligula sees
           Livia, and wants her. Drusilla says that Livia is to marry
           Proculus, one of Caligula's officers. So Caligula sets his sights on
           Caesonia instead. Drusilla says no, but by now Caligula is losing
           his patience, and takes Caesonia anyway.

21       Drusilla takes Caesonia back into a room, and Caligula fucks
           Caesonia like a sacrificial lamb. There is a very interesting use of
           camera motion to suggest intercourse.

22.      Macro is beheaded by the Killing Machine. (This was a
           fictional device, and not in Gore Vidal's original script). As well,
           towards the end of this scene, you will see Caligula whisper in
           the ear of Longinus who laughs. The shot cuts to Proculus, and
           then ends. In the original cut of the movie, Proculus was thrown
           into the ring with the Killing Machine, and survives. This is what
           Caligula is whispering. Have a look at
Deleted Scenes.

23.     At the killing of Macro, Caligula comments, "If only all of Rome
          had but just one neck".

24.      The Wedding Feast of Livia and Proculus. There is a wedding
           Orgy while the happy couple look on. Then Caligula and his
           Retinue enter the scene. (This is based on a true story, except
           that Caligula actually married to Livia for a short period. In history
           this was years before Caesonia) Caligula rapes Livia and sodomizes
           Proculus with his fist. Upon hearing the screams of Livia being
           violated by her brother, Drusilla storms out.

25.      Caligula is woken from his sleep during a rainstorm, and is
           convince it was Gemellus trying to kill him. He does his "Little
           Boots" dance nude in the rain. His Retinue come to his rescue
           and bring him back to bed. In the bed, Drusilla and Caesonia
           begin kissing and fondling, while Caligula joins in, and in the
           secret room, Messalina (Caligula's cousin) and Agrippina
           (Caligula's younger sister) engage in a little fun of thier own.

26.       Caligula rides his horse, the Honorable Incitatus into the Senate,
            and points to Gemellus, explaining to Incitatus, that Gemellus
            is the one trying to kill him. (Caligula)

27.       At a dinner party, Caligula accuses Gemellus of using an antidote,
            and has him arrested. Drusilla is upset, and tells Caligula in front
            of everybody that he is an "Amateur". Caligula slaps her, and she
            runs away. Caesonia steps up and declares what Drusilla said
            was treason. Caligula replies, "I decide what is treason, not you".

28.       Caligula demands that Caesonia do her dance for him, he takes
            the role of Tiberius now. Messalina and Agrippina lay beside
            him, while Claudius tries to cop a feel off Agrippina.

29.       In his stable, Caligula takes ill, and gets the fever. The city of
           Rome is concerned for thier Emperor.

30.       Caligula has Incitatus in his bed with him, he aske for Drusilla,
            and then Longinus. Caesonia goes to fetch Longinus.

31.        Caesonia walks in on Longinus plotting against her husband, but
             she doesn't hear them. As Longinus enters Caligula's bed
             chamber, Drusllia snuggles up to her brother, and he apoligizes
             for fighting with her. Caligula reciets his will to Longinus.

32.       The large Senator from Scene #17 offers his life to Jupiter if
            Caligula would only get well. "Jupiter accepts your offer" says
            the Emperor, and the Senator is taken away and killed.

33.        Caligula recovers, and takes a renewed interest in his work.

34.        The Death of Proculus. Messalina and Agrippina join in on the
             fun. Proculus is hanging by ropes, and has two dwarves hanging
             with him. They wear masks. Caligula has Proculus stripped and 
             slowly stabbed to death for being "A Bad Roman". After
             Agrippina takes advantage of the dead mans stiff cock, she
             urinates on his body while Messalina plays in the piss stream..
             Caligula has Longinus cut off the dead mans cock and balls.
             The cock is fed to the two Mastiffs (Dogs), and the balls are
             sent to Livia as a "souvener of thier great love."

35.         Caligula plays with a rat pulling a chariot, and then the black
              bird returns and scares him again.

36.        Caesonia gives birth to Julia Drusilla, she and Caligula are
             married, and then Drusilla falls ill with the fever.

37.        Drusilla dies in her bed, while Caligula's Retinue watches on.
            Caesonia enters the room, and then storms out when she see's
            Caligula holding his fevered sister. Caligula chases all the people
             out, and then kisses Drusilla's dead body all over. (A mother
             Lion will lick it's dead cub in the same fashion) Caligula then
             carries her dead body out. He declares a period of mourning.

38.        In his distress, Caligula leaves the safety of his Palace, and
             wanders the streets of Rome. His disrupts a play being put on
             by the poet Nmester. (There was a cut scene in which Caligula
             and Nmester engage in a sexual encounter.
Deleted Scenes.)

39.        Caligula is picked up, and thrown into the Jailor's Wagon, where
             he is tossed into the Imperial Dungeon. Back at the palace
             Caesonia asks the unconcerned Longinus where her husband
             could be. 

40.         In the dungeon, Caligula meets the Mute Giant (Who I call
              Sabinus, his historial name). Sabinus performs a coin trick, he
              throws one coin in a whores snatch, and takes out two.
              Caligula impresses him with a trick, and then Sabinus realizes who
              Caligula really is.

41.        Caligula returns to the Senate with Sabinus, and proclaims himself
             a God. Longinus proclaims him mad. The period of mourning
             is over. With the help of Longinus, Caligula figures out a way
             to balence the budget. Caesonia plays with Drusilla's Leppard

42.        The Imperial Bordello. Here we witness all kinds of sexual
             depravery. Longinus remarks to Chaerea, "Give him enough
             rope and he (Caligula) will hang us all". He also says, "He's not
             mad, he knows perfectly well what he is doing". The scene ends
             with the guards dancing and Messalina taking a mouthful of a
             Roman Sex Slave. Caligula says, "We sale to Britian".

43.         The Battle of Britian. "What new madness is this?" says
              Longinus to Chaerea. Caligula orders the naked soldiers to kill,
              destroy, and collect the Papyrus Cane as spoils of war. (This is
              based on the Seashell Story).

44.         The Celebration Feast. As Caligula orders in the spoils of war,
              which consists of Papyrus Cane and Pearls mounted in the
              snatches of female prisoners, Caesonia remarks that "They (the
              Senate) hate him". Caligula replies, "Let them hate me so long as
              they fear me." He then has a mad spell, and yells, "Crawl! Crawl!
              Crawl! I hate them all! Caligula insists to yet balance the budget
              again, he needs to confiscate the estates of all the Senators who
              have failed Rome. He lists Senators Galba, Aponius, Marcellus,
              Antonius, Cassius, Rufus, Marcus, Lepedius, Sextus, and

45.          Caligula gets wind of a plot to kill him when Chaerea comments,
               "It must be done soon".

46.           "The situation has gone too far" it is remarked at a meeting
                which includes Chaerea and Longinus.

47.          Caligula wanders the halls of his great palace with Sabinus,                          and then in his bed chamber, remarks to Caesonia that he can't
               sleep and is resigned to "living forever". After that he remarks
               "I'm going bald", to which Caesonia denies. The blackbird from
               Scene #8 and Scene #35 returns, only this time it seems to scare
               the crap out of Caesonia, and doesn't bother Caligula at all.

48.           Caligula, Caesonia, and Sabinus practise the play they are
                going to do for a festival. After the practise Julia Drusllia and
                her nanny join them for a walk.

49.           As they exit the arena, Chaerea attacks Caligula, and takes the
                first stab at him. Caesonia is stabbed, and young Drusilla is
                taken from her Nubian nanny and has her head bashed open
                by a guard. Sabinus is beheaded. Caligula is dead.

50.           The guard proclaims Claudius as the new Emperor of Rome. 
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