Terri Nunn
Before she was the lead singer for Berlin, Terri Nunn was a Penthouse Girl, and was concidered for Caligula! Terri was born on June 26 1961, and wanted to be an actress, something she began in 1973, being featured in TV shows like Lou Grant. She must have figured that nude modelling was the way to break in big time, and in the February 1977 Issue of Penthouse she was the Pet of the Month, at 16!

She was given the name of Betsy Harris, and in several shots she and Juliet Morris are having a pillow fight! Although I know it's not a huge connection, she was concidered for the movie and is featured with an actress who was inthe movie, and she's 16!

Bob didn't use Terri in Caligula because by rights she should have been 18, so instead she later formed the Los Angeles band Berlin, and became famous that way! Terri quit the band in 1987, but they have recently re-united.

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added Feb 19th 2004-updated with pix Oct 23 2004
The pictorial was called "Sugar and Spice", and was in the Feb 1977 issue. Above, 30 year Juliett Morris plays around with 16 year old 'Betsy Harris' aka Terri Nunn. More below!