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Webmasters Message-April  2005
First off, a quick note about the counters. This site has gotten 1.5 Million hits since opening on April 1st 2001. The average monthly hits are 15,000, and this may be why the counters stopped working. Yahoo techs have explained how to fix it, I just got to get around and do it on some key pages. The site is currently linked to 609 outside websites, which I find pretty cool.

The Top Two Questions I get asked here are 1) Is there a known copy of the 1979 Cannes 210 Minute Version of the film.....NO! and 2) What is the best version of the film on DVD.......the best version on DVD is the one coming out on October 2nd 2007 - "The Imperial Edition " which features both the 156 minute Unrated USA version from 1980, and a 1979 152 Minute Pre-release version that is closer to the director's vision. I had a small part in this new release, and it was a very cool experience. I don't sell the new DVD here, but for more information on the new set, please click

To the site! Caligula intriques me because of his mis-use of unlimited power. Would I do the same? Would you? The movie, like the historical figure, facinates me. Personally, Caligula is a movie of epic proportions on many levels, and it is very mis-understood. Because of Bob Guccione and Penthouse's involvment in the movie Caligula, many people form opinions before even seeing the film. Very few people realize that the movie is mostly based on fact, and that Caligula the man really did most of the things protrayed in the movie. It's been recorded in history. The facts are there.  Within these pages you will find out more about Caligula the man, and the movie, and all the facets connected. You will be amazed that the movie even saw the light of day!

In the spring of 1982 my history teacher, Mr. Joseph Lynch, planned to take the history class to see Caligula, because he wanted us to see what went on behind the scenes of supposed Roman glory. But information about the film gave him the impression it was just a porno, and so like many, Mr. Lynch formed an opinion before seeing the movie first hand for himself. As I learned later, the version I missed seeing was the fourth edit of the movie.

I was finally able to rent a VHS of the movie in 1990, but it was the butchered version, and ran about 90 minutes, and I would have to wait another 10 years before I had a DVD player, and finally secured a fully uncut 156 minute version of the movie.

I wasn't shocked when I finally saw the movie, but impressed. And every time I see the movie again, I see a little more of things that I have missed, in the sets, story, acting, characters and such. I get a kick out of watching the movie with friends and seeing thier reaction. When my friend Jeremy saw the film for the first time, he was involved, turned on, and repulsed, all at the same time. Days after seeing the movie, images haunted him. Now that is an impression, and that is the magic of Caligula.

The facts on this site are from actual Penthouse Magazines, articles, interviews and stories. As well as other internet sites and books. Please feel free to drop me a line when-ever. This site is best veiwed over a high-speed connection, if you have to use dial up, then the pictures won't load up properly.

Enjoy all the spendor and wonderment that is Caligula!

Tomas St. Aquinas, April 9th 2005
I have just been researching the epic that never was, the planned filming of "Catherine The Great" Click below for details
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Here is a partial list of my sources for information, as well as my area to thank people who have contributed with no expectations to the site. Thanks for visiting and spread the word!

Sources & Bibliography
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