The Penthouse Pets Featured in Caligula
Signe Berger-She made her debut as Pet of the Month in April 1975. She was born in Evergreen, Colorado in 1955. Signe is a fatalist and a realist. Among other things, Signe has been a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, a model in New York, and by the spring of 1975 an aspiring stage actress in Los Angeles. She beleives she is a fine actress because she has the feel for it. Going from Caligula, I think she is right! Her photos were shot by Earl Miller.

Valerie Rae Clark-She made her debut as a Penthouse Pet in May 1977. She was born in 1955, and her sign is that of Cancer. As a child, she had a fantasy of becoming a stripper, and by the time of her Penthouse debut, she was an exotic dancer in Los Angeles. As well as dance, Valerie also writes songs, poems and stories, and practises Calligraphy. This auburn girl's measurements are 36-23-36, she stands 5 foot 9 inches, and her photos were shot by Richard Romero. (She is also featured on the Magazine cover, with a photo by Earl Miller) The most exciting event in her life was her film debut in Bob Gucciones new film, Caligula. She was featured in the 1980 Publication, "The Girls of Penthouse, Number 3". Valerie is featured highly in the Imperial Bordello scene.  Valerie was also featured in the August 1983 issue of Penthouse. She mentions that she lost her virginity at the age of 15.

Anneka Di Lorenzo- To respect Anneka's untimely death on January 3rd 2011, I have removed all nudity from her page. Some of her Caligula pictures can still be seen by accessing Lori Wagner's page. On October 24th Anneka's page on this site was veiwed 15, 282 times. Since April of 2001 her page has been veiwed a total of 197, 485 times! Her page has been properly updated to honor her life. She joins Susanne Saxon in Heaven.

Henrietta Kelogg-She made her debut in Penthouse in August 1976, using the stage name of Rhiana Post. She was born in the USA in 1953. Henrietta flew to the Virgin Islands for a visit, and ended up staying there for 2 years. On her return trip back to the US, she decided it was time to lose her virginity, which she claims to have lost in a seat of a 747. She is also an avid skydiver and loves the water. This Scorpio is 5 feet 2 inchs tall, has brown eyes, measures at 36-24-36, and thinks her most sensual parts are her breasts.
After her photo shoot in '76, she left for a trip to Brazil. The thought of the snakes in Brazil really turn her on! As well, she prefers men in thier early 40's. Her photo shoot was done by Jeff Dunas AKA Geoffrey Rian.

Helen Lan
g-She made her debut as a Penthouse Pet in July 1976, her pictures were shot by Earl Miller. She was born in California in 1955. Helen is five feet one inch tall, and her measurements are 35-22-35. She loves Eastern cultures, and is one mean belly dancer. As well, she adores Western Classical music and the beach. 

Juliet Morri
s-She made her debut as the Pet of the Month in January 1975. She was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1953, and spent most of her childhood years migrating from one army camp to another with her Military father. She is 5 feet tall, and weighed in at 87 pounds. Her measurements are 35-22-34. Juliet majored in art in college, and plays guitar fairly well, but she was really hopeful as writing fiction was concerned. Her main focus was too write, model and act. She thinks war is insanity. As well, Julliet is convinced that she has ESP. Her photos were shot by Jeff Dunas AKA Geoffrey Rian.

Carolyn Patsi
s-She made her debut as a Penthouse Pet in November 1976. She was born in Long Island, New York, in 1956. Bob Guccione shot the pictures for her debut, and they were the first ones she ever did nude! She said "Bob put me at ease. It's very important for a man to know how to talk to a woman-how to make her feel beautiful, important and secure." When Bob and Carolyn flew to London and Rome, it was the first time she had ever been in a plane, and the pilots even let her fly it for a bit! Carolyn measures in at 37-25-37. Her pictures were featured in the 1980 Publication, "The Girls of Penthouse, Number 3". 

Susanne Saxo
n-She made her debut as a Penthouse Pet in October 1976, and this raven haired 5 foot 9 inch beauty was born in Joliet, Illinois in 1955. In 1974 Susan left Illinois and worked as a cocktail waitress in Houston, Texas. From here she met a musician, who took her to L.A. The instant she got off the plane Susan was in love with Los Angeles! She wants to become an actress. This Capricorn's measurements are 36-24-35. Her photo shoot was done by Stan Malinowski. Susanne was also featured in the September 1978 issue of Penthouse as a Pet of the Year runner up with a new pictorial by Earl Miller.

Melanie Sutherland-Only 19 and just one year out of High School at the time of her photo shoot, Melanie made her pictorial debut in Penthouse in October 1975. The same issue that Anneka was proclaimed Pet of the Year. Melanie's measurements are 36-25-36, and she was photographed by Earl Miller. She was quoted as saying, "I think women are just as conscious of the power of personal accomplishment as men." Melanie was born in 1956, and is probably American by birth. Her photo shoot was in California.

Lori Wagner-This page has all you need to know about Octavia! Her Penthouse debut was a pictorial in the May 1975 issue. Photos by Gernot Plitz. Her measurements then were 35-22-35.

Bonnie Dee Wilson
-She made her debut as Pet of the Month in November 1975. She was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1947, and was photographed by Bob Guccione. She was quoted as saying that "it's my nature to give more love, more excitement, more attention than I get in return." She went on to say that she likes older men because they don't get jealous, and they understand her. She also prefers the darker types, Italians, Greeks and Syrians. Bonnie is featured in the opening sequences of the Imperial Bordello scene in Caligula. Her measurements are 37-23-26. She was also featured in the Oct 1977 issue of Penthouse as a Pet of the Year runner up, with a new
photo shoot by Bob done at "the California Club" in Miami.
In the 1981 documentary, "The Making of Gore Vidal's Caligula", Bob Guccione states that he brought 12 or 13 Penthouse Pets, including 2 Pets of the Year, to the Set of Caligula. I now think he was referring to the 11 pets used in the hardcore material shot in January 1977, and there may still be as many as 6 unaccounted for pets used in Tinto Brass scenes, such as the Celebration Orgy, the Isis Pool, and maybe the original Bordello scenes. We now think that there may have been upwards of 20 pets featured in the original film and the hardcore scenes. 12 girls were featured in the "Girls of Caligula" magazine, printed in 1981, but Helen Lang wasn't actually in the film. At the bottom of this page I have links to 2 new possible pets who were in the film.     added October 23 2004
To see pictures of each of the 11 pets, just click on thier name, most pictures are going to be nudes, so be warned!
From the set of Tiberius's pool bordello on Capri
Have a look at all the Penthouse Magazine covers of the issues that feature stories, pictures, and Penthouse Pets from Caligula
                                     Who Came When?                        

Grigori Rasputin  I are in the process of trying to figure when the Penthouse girls came to Italy for the shoot, they were flown over in 3 or 4 trips. We are thinking there may have been upwards of 20 pets in total now, although only 11 were featured in the hardcore shoot. The first 5 girls used were called "The Heavies", and were featured during the entire film shoot; Anneka, Lori and Jane arrived in Rome in September '76. The next batch consisted of 5 girls who came in October '76, but 3 of that 5 quit when they learned the true nature of the film. More than likely the two that stayed were Bonnie and Carolyn. The next major scenes shot were the Temple of Isis ones in November '76. Going by photos taken on the set, there appears to be about 12 girls in the Isis Pool, and 16 around the perimeter of the pool. We are thinking that the girls used along the perimeter of the pool were Italian actresses, and so that means that about 7 other Pets could have been needed, and this may have included Melanie Sutherland, Anna Grimwood and Jolanta Von Zmuda. Lastly, when Bob wanted to shoot the hard core stuff in January '77, he flew in Signe, Valerie, Henrietta, Suzanne, Helen, and Juliet. This is mostly speculation, I have to try and see who is really in the Temple of Isis scene, which was shot before the Imperial Bordello and the extra footage as well.  We know that Terri Nunn was concidered for the film, but was only 16. Two other names that have popped up are Jolanta Von Zmuda and Anna Grimwood, I have added some insight on these girls while we confirm.

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