Cast and Crew of Note
Tinto Brass
Peter O'Toole
Sir John Gielgud
Anneka de Lorenzo
Lori Wagner
Gore Vidal
Teresa Ann Savoy
Franco & Roberto Rossellini
Malcolm McDowell
Bob Guccione
Danilo Donati
Helen Mirren
Above, a letter opener shaped like a dagger to promote one of the video releases of Caligula. Below, the video box for the 10th Anniversary of the movie, issued in 1989.
This is the way the film was meant to be watched, the way Bob Guccione wanted it. Uncut, widescreen, surround sound, what more could you want? This is the DVD version released in the fall of 1999.
This is the original 1979 Italian movie poster
John Steiner
Wonders never cease! I didn't even know about this special issue of Penthouse until today! (June 29th 2001).  A total issue dedicated to the
movie, who woulda thunk it. It seems this special issue only came out in
England, and was issued in 1981. It was a Penthouse International First
Edition, and used previously published material from 1975, 1976, 1977,
and 1980. I know that Anneka Di Lorenzo was the Pet of the Year in
1975. This mag is a highly sought after item!
Another picture, on the left, of this rare magazine. Nov 28/01
Caligula is truely an International Phenomenon! This cover ran in the
    May 1980 edition of the Mag. Wonder if the pix are different?
The bevy of Penthouse Pets
Piernico Solinas
Mirella D'Angelo
Lucky Fellows
Bruno Nicolai
Lydia Van Huston