Deleted and Unused Scenes from Caligula
Thanks to the many great fans out there who have sent in pictures, and have also had suggestions about what was missing from the 210 minute Cannes Version of Caligula. I have some up with 7 different scenes that were either changed or deleted from the Cannes Version to end up with the version was have now, The Blue DVD, 156 minute version that is the best we have. Different edits of Caligula feature different angles of the same scenes because Tino Brass used many cameras at once in a shot. This was his multi camera technique. The editors of the film had no idea what Tinto envisioned, and so they basically wasted all the different angles Tinto shot. Tinto never planned for those awful quick pull-backs and zooms into scenes. That was only to get to the intended shot. I digress, here are the 9 scenes that I have come up with. Your suggestions are welcome! As of October 2007, we have a new development with the Imperial Edition Caligula DVD set. Many of the scenes below are included in the set. There is no sound for the scenes, so they have been set to music.
1.  The Torture Ward
Proculus Vs. the Killing Machine
Let's Have Some Fun!
Headless Statues
The Treasury
Divine Madness!
The Temple of Venus
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Two promotional posters for the release of version #7 & #8 of the film, issued in May 1984 and during 1985.
9. Other Scenes
8. Curing Caligula of Insomania