Caligula-The Early Years 12-31 AD
August 31 12 AD-Birth of Caligula at Antium, now present day Anzio. The
    engraving above was done about 1898, and shows the ruins of Roman
    villas along the coast. This was also the birthplace of Nero.
May 18 14 AD-Caligula sent to Gaul/Germany by Augustus

August 19 14 AD-The Death of Augustus
May 26 17 AD-Caligula attends Germanicus' triumph in Rome

After Summer 17 AD-Caligula accompanies parents on Eastern Mission
Early 18 AD-Caligula delivers a speech in Assos, aged 6.
October 10 19 AD-The death of Germanicus in Antioch, Syria. His ashes
    were interred at Augustus' Mauseleum in Rome.
Early in 20 AD-Caligula returns to Rome with his mother, Agrippina.
Late in 27 AD-Caligula moves to Livia Drusilla's house on the Palatine.
   She is his great grandmother.
Before June 29 AD-Livia Drusilla dies. Caligula moves to the house
   of his grandmother Antonia.
Before October 31 AD-Tiberius orders the death of Nero, Caligula's
    elder brother. This was part of a plot by Sejanus.

After August 31st 31 AD-Caligula is summoned to Capri by Tiberius.
24 AD-Drusilla, aged 13, and Caligula, aged 12, are caught by Antonia
     performing incestious acts. This story has been accused of being
     false, created to make Caligula look bad after his death.
This is a page from an un-named book, that shows Caligula engaging in anal
intercourse. The book is French, and from 1830. This page was on ebay and
selling for $80. The French inscription is below. This is a very cool glimpse into the early life of Caligula.
"Caligula au milieu de deux jeunes gens, pendant que ses amis sont a table avec des matrones-Medaille". I'm guessing that Caligula is in the centre of this picture, anally screwing a boy while he himself is being screwed from behind. This is described in William Howard's book, "Caligula", now I just have to find the historical source for this. Apparently Malcolm McDowell shot a scene with Richard Parets that showed them "making love". This is from the book by William Howard, but like Helen Mirren's sex scene with Teresa Ann Savoy, was cut from the final film.
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