Caligula's Family Tree from Sextus Julius Caesar
4.  Gaius Julius Caesar, (Died 84 BC, Pisa, Italy)
    married to Aurelia, daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta, died 54 BC
5.  CAIUS JULIUS CAESAR, July 12 100 BC-March 15th 44 BC
        Roman Dictator 47-March 15th 44 BC
      married to Cleopatra VII, born Alexandria, Egypt 70 BC, died 30 BC
       6.  Caesarion, died about 30 BC
5. Julia Minor (Died 54 BC)
      married Marcus Atius Balbus (died 52 BC)
      married POMPEY
6. Atia Major
      married Caius Octavius
7. Octavia  (Died in 11 BC)
      married 1st to  Claudius Marcellus
    8. Marcus Claudius "Marcellus" 42 BC-23 BC, married to Julia (No Issue)
    8. Marcella Major, married 1st in 28 BC to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
                      married 2nd after 21 BC  to Iulus (son of Mark Antony & Fulvia)
    8. Marcella Minor, married first to Aemilius Lepidus
                              , married second to Valerius Messalia
       9. Claudia Pulchra, (Friend & 2nd Cousin of Agrippina Major), born
             about 14 BC, married to Varus
           10. Quictilius Varus
       9. Marcus Valenus Messalla Barbatus, born about 12 BC, married to Domitia                  "Lepida" (Died 53 AD)
           10.  Valeria Messalina, born 17 AD, died 48 AD

      married 2nd to Marcus Antonius "MARK ANTONY"  82-30 BC
7. AUGUSTUS  (1st Emperor of Rome, 27 BC-Aug 19th 14 AD)
       Born: Sept 23 63 BC as Caius Octavius
       Died Aug 19 14 AD, Nola, Campania
8. Antonia Minor, born Jan 31 36 BC, died May 1 37 AD
       married in 16 BC, Nero Claudius Drusus (Born Jan 14 38 BC, Died 9 BC
           in Pannonia, Germany) (He was the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero &  
           Livia Drusilla, and brother of TIBERIUS,)
9. Germanicus Caesar, May 24th 15 BC, died Oct 9th 19 AD
      married Agrippina the Elder, 14 BC-October 18th 33 AD, in 1 AD
             (Grandaughter of Augustus; daughter of Agrippa & Julia. She requested
               in 26 AD to marry Asinius Gallus, and was denied)(He was killed by
              Sejanus between 31 & 33 AD)
9. Livilla Julia, born 13 BC, starved to death by Antonia, 31 AD (Age 44)
     married 1st in 2 AD to Gaius Caesar (Grandson of Augustus) (20 BC-4 AD)
     married 2nd in 4 AD to Tiberius Drusus Julius Caesar "Castor"
                  (The son of Tiberius) born about 14 BC, died September 23 AD
   10. Julia "Helen", born about 5 AD, married first to Nero, 6-29 AD in 20 AD
                                (This marraige was dissolved in 29 AD by Tiberius)
                             promised to marry L.A. Sejanus, but he died in 31 AD
                             married second to Rubellius Blandus in 33 AD
           11.  Rubellius Plautus, born about 33 AD, committed suicide about
                    62 AD while in Asia.
   10. Tiberius Julius Caesar "Gemellus", born Autumn 19 AD, killed 37 AD
   10. Germanicus, born Autumn 19 AD, died 23 AD

   Livilla had an affair with Lucius Aelius Sejanus commencing in 19 AD, and
    Sejanus sought permission to marry her by 25 AD, it was rejected. (Anthony
    states that Sejanus was betrothed to Livilla in 31 AD)
9. Tiberius "Claudius" Drusus Nero Germanicus
      (The 4th Emperor of Rome 41-54 AD)
       born: Aug 1 10 BC, Lyons, France
       died: Oct 13 54 AD, Rome, Italy
      married 6 AD, Urgulanilla (Of the Plautian Family), born 11 BC
        Claudius divorced Urgulanilla in 25 AD. She gave birth to a baby girl, the
          daughter of Boter, about 26 AD. The child was supposed to have been
          exposed on the mountian side, but was exchanged for a dead baby!
        10. Claudius Drusus, born 8 AD, died about 21 AD,
                was bethrothed to Junilla, (Born 17 AD) daughter of Lucius
               Aelius Sejanus (She and her father were murdered Oct 18th  31 AD)

      married 28 AD, Aelia Paetina (Adoptive Sister of Lucius Aelius Sejanus)
          (They were divorced in 31 AD after the fall of Sejanus)
        10.  Claudia Antonia, born in 30 AD (Raised by Antonia Minor)
                 married 1st to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
                 married 2nd in 52 AD to Fautus Cornelius Sulla Felix, who died in 62 AD

      married in October 40 AD, Valeria Messalina, born 17 AD, died 48 AD.
         (She was the daughter of Barbatus, and great grand-daughter of Octavia)
        10.  Octavia, born, August 41 AD, died June 9th 62 AD. Married to Nero the 
                  Emperor, in 53 AD. (No Issue)
        10.  Tiberius Claudius Caesar "Britannicus", born in 42 AD,
                  poisoned Feb 11th 55 AD by Agrippina.
      married on Jan 1st 49 AD to Aprippina the Younger (Sister of Caligula), who died                    at the hand of Nero's guards in late March 59 AD.
10.  Nameless Male, born about 2 AD, died on his 8th birthday.
10.  Infant Female, born about 4 AD, died young.
10.  Nero Julius Caesar, born about 6 AD, died before October 31 AD
         married Julia "Helen" (Grandaughter of Tiberius) in 20 AD, this
         marraige was dissolved by Tiberius in 29 AD.
10.  Drusus Julius Caesar, born about 8 AD, died before his mother, in
          exile, 33 AD.  Married Aemilia Lepida Major (Niece of Lucius  
           Aemilius Paullus) (She commited suicide not long after Drusus died,
           about 34 AD)
10.  Caius Julius Caesar  "Gaius Caligula" born Aug 31 12 AD-Antium, Italy
                                      assassinated January 24th 41 AD-Rome, Italy
        married Junia Claudia, 33 AD (She died in childbirth in 34 AD)
           (She was the daughter of Marcus Junius Silanus, who was killed
             in 37 AD by Caligula)
        married Livia Orestilla near the end of 37 AD, the wife of Gaius
           Calpurnius Piso. Divorced after 2 months.
        slept with Nymphida, the daughter of Callistus, and they had a son,                       Caius Nymphidius Sabinus, born about 39 AD, and died in
            June 68 AD in Rome, during his bid to be Emperor.
        married Lollia Paulina, September 38 AD, the wife of Publius Memmius
          Regulus. Divorced in the spring of 39 AD because she was barren.
          She was executed by Agrippina in early 49 AD.
        married Milonia Caesoni
a, summer of 39 AD, born about 5 AD,
           and died January 24th 41 AD. She was the daughter of Vistilia,
           who came from a family of public prostitutes.
11. Julia Drusilla, the younger, born 39 AD-died January 24th 41 AD
10. Infant, born 14 AD, died young
10. Agrippina the Younger, born Nov 6 15 AD, Cologne, France, died in
       late March 59 AD. Married 1st in 28 AD to Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus             (Born Dec 11 2 BC, died in Janaury 40 AD)
       11. Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus "NERO" (The 5th Emperor of Rome)
                Born Dec 15th 37 AD, Antium, Died June 9th 68 AD, Ostia, Italy,    
                married first to Octavia, daughter of Claudius, 41 AD-June 9th 62
                AD, in 53 AD.
                NERO then began an affair with Poppaea Sabina, the wife
               of Marcus Salvius Otho, in 58 AD. They were married in 62 AD,                       she died in 65 AD while pregnant with a second child.
           12. Claudia Augusta, born in 63 AD, died age 4 months
           12. Infant, died while in the womb, 65 AD
                 NERO married for a 3rd time in 65 AD, no issue.

       married 2nd in Janaury 41 AD to Gaius Sallustius Crispus Passienus, he
          was poisoned by his wife between 44 and 47 AD.
       married 3rd on Jan 1st 49 AD to Claudius, Emperor of Rome
The numbering on the left refers to generations, with Sextus as the 1st generation.
    Caligula is in the 10th generation.
  Married Clodia (No Issue)
   Married Scribonia (Who had been married to P. Cornelius Scipio)
      8.  Julia, born 38 BC, died in the first months of Tiberius' reign, 14 AD
                  1.    married first to her cousin,  Marcus Claudius Marcellus
                       (42 BC-23 BC, Baiae) (No Issue)
                  2.    married 2nd in 21 BC to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa 63-12 BC
                         (Agrippa was first married about 37 BC  to Cecilia
                         Attica  Pomponia {The daughter of Titus Pomponius Atticus
                         110 BC-32 BC}, and they had a daughter, Vipsania Agrippina , born                                   about 36   BC. Agrippa either divorced Pomponia, or she had already                                 died,  as in 28 BC Agrippa married for his second wife, Marcella, sister                              of Marcellus. They had one daughter, Marcellina. Agrippa was                                           asked by Augustus to divorce Marcella and marry Julia)
             9.   Gaius Caesar, 20 BC-4 AD, Asia Minor, married to Julia Livilla in 2 AD
             9.    Julia Minor, 19 BC, died 28 AD, at Tremerus.
                        married to Lucius Aemilius Paullus, (The uncle of "Ganymede")
                          10.  Lepidus (Referred wrongly by Graves as 'Ganymede')
                          10.  Aemilia Lepida Minor, married Marcus Junius Silanus
                                     Torquatus. She was killed in 53 AD.
                                   11. Marcus Junius Silanus, poisoned in 54 AD, had married                                                           and had one son:
                                       12. Lucius Junius Silanus Torquatus
                                   11. Lucius Junius Silanus, betrothed to Octavia, daughter of
                                           Claudius, committed suicide on Jan 1st 49 AD.
                                   11. D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, murdered by Agrippina.
                                   11. Junia Lepida
                                   11. Juna Calvina
                          10.  Infant exposed on the mountainside, 8 AD
              9.    Lucius Caesar, 17 BC, died 2 AD in Marsailles, France, en route to Spain
              9.    Agrippina the Elder, 14 BC-Oct 18th 33 AD, married to Germanicus                            9.    Agrippa Postumus, 12 BC-Murdered in 16 AD

          Julia marred thirdly, in 11 BC, to Tiberius, who was forced to divorce his
            wife, Vipsania Agrippina, whom he married about 20 BC. (She was the daughter of
            MarcusVipsanius Agrippa and Cecilia Attica Pomponia. After Tiberius, she married             to Asinius Gallus, about 11 BC,  and they had a grandaughter, born about 5 AD,                  that Tiberius had a crush on. Vipsania died in 20 AD). Julia and Tiberius were                     separated by 2 AD.

   Married in Jan 17 38 BC to Livia Drusilla (Born 55 BC, Died before June 29 AD)
     (Livia divorced Tiberius Claudius Nero (Died 33 BC) in January 38 BC to
         marry Augustus, who divorced his own wife, Scribonia)
3.  Gaius Julius Caesar
    married Marcia, daughter of Quintus Marcius Rex
2. Lucius Julius Caesar of Rome, Italy
1. Sextus Julius Caesar of Rome, Italy
5. Julia Major
6. Atia Minor
8. Antonia Major, born about 38 BC
     married to Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
    9. Filia,
    9. Filus,
    9. Domitia, born about 4 BC,  poisoned June 59 AD,
                      ,married 1st to D. Haterius Agrippa,
        10. Q. Haterius Antoninus, born about 20 AD (Consul in 53 AD)

                    , married 2nd to Q. Junius Blaesus, died about 69 AD, Rome
                    , married 3rd to Gaius Sallustius Passienus Crispus, he
                       divorced her to marry Agrippina in 41 AD.
    9. Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, born Dec 11th 2 BC, died in 40 AD,
           married in 28 AD to Agrippina Minor, sister of Caligula.
    9. Domitia "Lepida", born about 2 AD, married 1st to Marcus Valenus
             Messalla Barbatus,  (He was born about 12 BC, died before 23 AD) She                was executed by Agrippina about 53 AD.
      10. Valeria Messalina, born about 18 AD, died 48 AD

                              , married 2nd about 21 AD to Faustus Cornelius Sulla
      10.  Faustus Cornelius Sulla Felix, born about 22 AD, forced to commit
               suicide about 62 AD in Gaul, married about 52 AD as her second
               husband to Claudia Antonia, daughter of Claudius 
9. Agrippa Caesar, died young, as did two other children.
   Caligula's Family Tree From Livia's Line
10.  Julia Drusilla, the Elder, born about September 16 AD, Ambitarvium,            (north of Coblenz), Germany. Died June 10th 38 AD, Rome.
        married 33 AD, Lucius Cassius Longinus, divorced 37 AD
        married, about 37 AD, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus "Ganymede",
          born in 5 AD, the brother of Aemilia Lepida Major, and nephew
          of Lucius Aemilus Paullus. "Ganymede" was also a lover of
          Caligula, and was executed in the fall of 39 AD, aged 34.
1.   Marcus of Rome, married to Calavia, also of Rome

  2.  Gaius Livius Salinator
  2.  Marcus Livius Drusus, wife unknown, sired....
   3. Gaius Livius Drusus of Rome, wife unknown, sired.....

    4. Marcus Livius Drusus, died about 109 BC, married to Cornelia,

      5. Livia the Elder, married to Marcus Portius Cato
                                 married to Quintus Servilius Caepio
      5. Lucius Livius Drusus
      5. Marcus "Livius Drusus", died about 91 BC, married to Servilia, the daughter
             of Quintus Servilius Caepio and Metella
        6. Marcus Livius Drusus "Claudianus", born about 95 BC, married to Alfidia

          7. Livia Drusilla, born 55 BC, died before June 29 AD
                married to Tiberius Claudius Nero about 43 BC, divorced Jan 17th 38 BC
                  (He was the son of Appius Claudius Nero, and grandson of Tiberius
                    Claudius Nero, no further trace)

           8. Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar, born Nov 16th 42 BC, Rome
                                                             died March 18th 37 AD, Capri
                  The 2nd Emperor of Rome, 14 AD to 37 AD
                    married about 16 BC to Vipsania Agrippina [36 BC-20 AD] (The daughter                       of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Cecilia Attica Pomponia)
                   9. Tiberius Drusus Julius Caesar "Castor", born in 14 BC, died in 23 AD
                           married about 4 AD to Livilla Julia, the daughter of Antonia Minor
                           and Nero Claudius Drusus. (Livilla 13 BC-31 AD)
                             10. Julia "Helen", born 5 AD. Married to Nero (6 AD-31 AD) about
                                    20 AD. This marraige was disolved by Tiberius in 29 AD.
                                    About 33 AD Helen married to Rubellius Blandus as her 2nd
                                     husband after an unsuccessful bid to marry Lucius Aelius
                                     Sejanus. (Sajanus was killed in 31 AD)
                               11. Rubellius Plautus, born about 33 AD, he committed suicide
                                       while in Asia in 62 AD, aged 29.
                   9. Infant Child, born and died in 11 BC

                    married in 11 BC to Julia
                   9. Tiberillus, born and died in 10 BC

           8.  Nero Claudius "Drusus" Germanicus, born Jan 14th 38 BC
                                                                      died 9 BC
10. Julia Livilla "Lesbos", born in 18 AD, Island of Lesbos, died January 41 AD,
        married in 33 AD to Marcus Vinicius.