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Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini "Bob" Guccione was born on December 17th 1930, in Brooklyn, New York, the eldest child of Anthony & Nina. Bob and his siblings were raised in Bergenfield, NJ. Anthony was an accountant for a neon-light company owned by one of Nina's brothers.  Bob originally wanted to be a Priest, but gave up that dream after a couple of months. Then he decided that he wanted to be an artist. He moved to California, and then met Lilyan Adams. Bob and Lilyan were married in July 1949. Thier daughter Tonina was born in 1950. They then moved with Bob to Rome. Bob travelled thru Paris and Spain, acting in films, painting, reading palms, anything he could do to support his family. After 5 years, fed up, Lilyan fled back to California with her daughter Toni and divorced Bob.

In Casablanca, Bob met a British singer named Muriel Hudson. They married in 1956 and moved to her native land, settling in London. Here they started a family; Robert C.  was born in 1956, Nina T., born in 1960,  Anthony, born in 1962, and Nicholas, born in 1965. In England Bob worked in a dry cleaners while he tryed to get his painting carreer off the ground. Instead, he thought he'd try to produce a men's magazine. By this time, his second marraige failed, and he got a divorce. Muriel was born in 1931, and died on Feb 18th 2007. 

Also in 1965, Bob met Kathy Guccione, who was born in South Africa. She studied ballet in London, and subsequently became the alleged "best stripper in Europe".

Bob and Kathy managed the fledgling porn magazine "Penthouse" based in London, beginning in 1965. In 1969, the couple brought Penthouse to the USA, and published the first US issue that September. Bob is currently the owner and chairman of General Media International, based in New York City. (GMI-NY)

Bob and Kathy were known to have an open marraige, where Bob was allowed to play with his pets whenever he desired.

Kathy served as vice-chair and Chief Operating officer in General Media Communications, and Vice-Chair of it's publishing arm, GMI-NY. In addition, Kathy founded the magazines, Omni in 1979, and Longevity, in 1989. She also wrote 3 books. In June 1995, she was given 6 months to live, due to Breast Cancer. By Sept 1996 her cancer was in remission thanks to a European Drug. However, Kathy died as a result of breast cancer, in New York City, on September 19th 1997.

In the 1971 movie, "The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins", Bob played a pornographer in the segment, "Gluttony".

In 1987, writer Douglas K. Ramsey wrote the book, "The Corporate Warriors", a study of 6 corporate battles of the 70's and 80's. In the book, Doug writes about "brash upstart Bob Guccione decided to combat a firmly entrenched magazine, and won by going rabbit hunting". Scan below.

Bob has had notable T.V. appearences, including the the animated show, "Duckman", playing himself. His voice was heard in two episodes, "Pig Amok" aired April 6th 1996, and "Love! Anger! Kvetching!", aired on April 12th 1997.

It seems that Bob and Kathy may have raised his five children, as they are all (or were) involved in the Penthouse empire at some point in thier lives. In later years Bob returned to art, and has several painting for sale at New York galleries. More on his children......

Tonina R. "Toni" Guccione, born in California in 1950, was put in charge of the West Coast Office of Penthouse by 1976. Most of the Pets came from California since the East Coast girls could make money modeling in the fashion trade. (Verses the Skin Trade). Toni married to R&B music engineer Ed Biggs about 1975 and lived in Whittier, CA. She learned to play bass, and hosted some great jams at her house. After she and Ed Biggs divorced, Toni moved to her Laurel Canyon home. She then married to another music engineer, Jack Andrews. Toni played bass and wrote the lyrics for the Caligula love theme, "We are One", and in 1982 she was the vocalist and the force behind the Penthouse music vehicle "Threshold". "We are One" and "Threshold" both featured
Doug Meador. By 2002, Tonina Biggs Andrews was the Secretary of Penthouse International Inc, and also was a bass player for hire. Toni is the only child that Bob still talks to. Toni also belongs to B.M.I. as a song-writer. Her song writing company, "Tonina Music" can be reached at:

            Tonina Biggs Andrews, Tonina Music
            8161 Amor Road, Los Angeles, CA, 90046-1101

Robert C. Guccione, born in London, England in 1957, founded "Spin" magazine with the help of his father in 1985. In 1987 Bob Sr. bailed out, leaving Jr. holding the bag, however Jr. made the magazine a force to be rekoned with. Sr. and Jr. stopped talking to each other in 1986. Jr. sold Spin for millions. Bob Jr's big thing is AIDS education. He married to Camilla Gibbs about 1978, divorced in 1982. His second wife was Kimberlin Grace Brown whom he married on Sept 22nd 2001. They are now divorced.

Nina T. Guccione was born in London, England, in 1960. She is the Exec. VP/New Media for the Corporate Arm of the Magazine "Power Mind and Muscle Magazine" by 2000. Both Bob and Kathy had been involved in the magazine. She no longer talks to her father.

Anthony Guccione was born in London, England in 1962. He worked with Penthouse until 1997, when he left to make movies on his own. In 1999 his father evicted him from his Manhattan loft, which he'd lived in since 1987. Anthony and his father are also not on speaking terms.

Nicholas Guccione was born in London, England, in 1965, was a director with Penthouse making direct to video adult films, until his father canned him in 2003. Nicky, who lives upstate New York with his wife, retains some contact with Bob, as he and his wife produced Bob's only grandchild, a boy born in 2002.
                            The Film That Never was
Catherine The Great
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          Moll Flanders: Another Attempt at film

Bob Gucciones second attempt at movie production (After Catherine the Great in 1981) was said to have been Moll Flanders, with Ken Russell directing. The two investigated the idea about 1982, but in the end neither man had anything to do with the movie. The DVD cover on the left is the UK TV production, and the one on the right is the US MGM Movie directed by Pen Densham and produced by John Watson and Richard B. Lewis. It's a great story, Moll Flanders is a self proclaimed murderess, whore and thief. Apparently Bob tried to sue Ken Russell over the films failure to get made by the two, but he was unsuccessful. Ken devotes a whole chapter to the Moll Flanders project in his autobiography.  The UK and MGM versions of Moll Flanders came out in 1996.
Bob's other film related ventures:
On the left above, the 1987 book, "The Corporate Warriors", which talks about Penthouse VS. Playboy. On the right, the cover of the October 6th 1999 issue of "Steppin' Out", with an indepth interview with Bob.