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Another interior scene, but done quite well to look like it's exterior. There was quite an orgy shot for this scene, but it was barely used. Why couldn't Bob just let Tinto finish the film and go from there? Below left is Mirella D'Angelo, and we think that picture is part of the "Pastoral Scene" at the beginning of the movie. While Caligula and Drusilla run around naked, Mirella is in the background holding the horses.
Eddie Adams took the still of Mirella D'Angelo during the filming, and probably a lot of the publicity stills too. We think Mirella was in another scene that was cut, on the cover of the May 1980 issue of Penthouse she is shown with Incitatus & wears a red gown. We will keep you posted!
The rape of Livia. Mirella D'Angelo is excellent in this scene, even without any real speaking role. The big problem with this film is that there is no character development. These characters come and go in the film, and it's hard to really feel for them. But you do feel for Livia, you do feel how helpless she feels under the absolute control of Caligula. Her husband Proculus looks on, and he can't do a thing for her. You feel that at the end of the scene. This is one of the very few effective scenes in this film. Below, Caligula comforts his victim before moving onto her husband. All fair in rape and terror. Proculus was played by Donato Placido.
The scene below was probably shot by Bob Guccione in January 1977, using props and a set that didn't even make it into the final edit of the film. There were so many great props that were made for the film and not even used. The set for the sacrifice of the bull, the treasury set, and the great stature set below never made it into the final cut. These cut scenes would have all been in the Cannes edit, which I think we are getting a better idea of what it may consisted of.
Bob Guccione claimed the scene below was the greatest love scene ever comitted to film. I think that was a stretch, but it was pretty hard core for a general viewing audience in 1977, the year the film was supposed to come. The scene blow features graphic fingering, anal oral, and the intense licking of the female sexual organ, unheard of for a film that would play in a regular theatre.
It had slipped my mind where the picture below is from. I'm thinking maybe when Caligula overhears the senatars washing in the red mud on Capri. It certainly is another great intense look. Malcolm McDowell was very well cast for his role, but he didn't need to be on the screen for 95% of the time!