Gallery Number Four
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The Imperial Stable. It looks like this scene was shot in the same studio set as Tiberius' funeral scene, the set that was made to look like the Senate. I believe this was the same set used towards the end of the film when Caligula and his Little Giant are walking thru the palace. Caligula is trying to deal with his insomania. I plan to try and come up with a design of the sets.
The birth of Julia Drusilla the younger. Caligula's sister used her middle name, but was actually Julia "Drusilla" the elder. Julia was the female version of Julius, and this whole Royal family descended from Julius Caesar's sister, Julia Minor, who was the mother of Octavia. Octavia married to Mark Antony, and thier daughter Antonia Minor was the paternal grandmother of Caligula.
Caligula's physician Charicles lived in fear for his life during Caligula's reign, and was all too happy to help plot Caligula's death in 41 AD. On the right, Eduardo Bergara Leumann plays the High Preist of Rome, although these peoples roles are never made too clear.
One of the most famous shots in the whole film, Caligula carrying the dead body of his sister Drusilla around the palace, not knowing what to do. His Gods have let him down, and for the first time he realizes that he can feel pain, and is not the end all to be all. Teresa looks beautiful even playing dead. And lucky Malcolm McDowell gets to carry her naked body all over the place. Love those hairy armpits, oh I am so European!
The Roman Jail, shot in the old Baths of Caraculla near Rome. Here we see The Little Giant earning some extra money with this slutty wench. I haven't yet figured out exactly what the game is here, but there is nothing quite as sexy as good old fashioned down and dirty sex play. This scene is just before Caligula is thrown down the shoot into the jail proper. The Little Giant ends up befriending Caligula, and pays for it with his life down the road.
The Imperial Bordello "Brothel Boat" on the left, and Lori Kay Wagner on the right. The left hand scene was shot in the fall of 1976, and the one on the right in January 1977. The Brothel Boat scene is edited pretty good between the dialogue, action, and music. I know I have said the editing is not that great, but that is over-all in the film. There certainly are certain scenes that have been edited well. Below, Anneka Di Lorenzo plays with a whip. In a shot that wasn't used, she actually left welts on some poor bastards ass! She got a little crazy. Insiders say that booze and drugs were a regular thing on the shoot, so it's no surprise that things did get out of hand once and a while.