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The Battle of Britain, another great exterior scene in the film. I think this scene is pretty realistic, and is one of my favorites. It's not exactly historically acurate, but it still works. Above, the Little Giant and Caligula get a kick out of all of these idiots going into the cold water to fight papyrus plants!
The Celebration Feast, and yet another oppertunity for an orgy. Much footage of the Celebration Feast Orgy was shot, but not used. It was said that Anneka and Lori went down on each other again, and I love the scene where all the naked woman come carried in with oyster pearls sitting on thier pubis', and Caligula sprays one with lemon!
Above, Bacchus, the God of Wine, looking like he has enjoyed just a little too much. On the right one of Tinto's ugly woman model one of Danilo Donato's exquisitely designed headdresses. The costumes and sets for this film were right on for looks, maybe not authentic, but they sure as hell looked good!
Above, Caligula is comforted by Caesonia after he is tormented by nightmares of his own death. The scene is not used in the final edit, and is cut just after she says, "I hope you live forever. To see all three of pictures from this scene click HERE!
I purposely made this picture bigger to see all the details better, even though I know it's a little pixelated. This is the chamber just inside the great staircase from the Stadium. Just behind the two guards, and to the left and right, you can see the side rooms with all the circle patterns on the walls. At the end in the doorway, it looks like steps, but I think these are just painted on the wall, and the set ends there. In the picture below you can see the circle patterns better in the concave area of the hallway. I'm not sure what these are supposed to be.
The Little Giant, once the master of the Roman Jail, is now just a dead smuck after he backed the wrong horse. The head looks pretty real, but the blood is off. But when the scene is done quick, it doesn't look that bad.
Below, a great black and white still of Caligula being impailed by all the gaurds after the initial attack by Charrea. You'd think after Julius Caesar these guys would have learned a thing or two. I think Augustus died a natural death, but Julius Caesar, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero all met similiar fates.