The Music of Caligula
This is the single cut from the Caligula Soundtrack. The Album release featured the 12" single of "We Are One" as a second bonus disc included in the package. The 7" version of the tune, pictured above, was sold  separately. Neither the single or LP got any respect from Billboard. The stigma of Sex! Paul Clemente was actually the alias of Bruno Nicolai (1926-1991) who composed alot of music for Ennio Morricone. A very talented musician, Doug Meador, played on the "We are One" sessions, click on his name to read more about him and his career.
Although the movie was released in February 1980, the soundtrack did not hit retail stores until November 14th 1980. In June 1981 the soundtrack was also made available by mail order from Penthouse Magazine. I assume this was to tie in with Version #5 of Caligula, the R-Rated version that came out in November 1981. Record Details:

1) We Are One   7" Single (Special DJ Edition)
       1) We are One (Love Theme)-Lydia         3:22
       A) We are One (Dance Version)-Lydia      2:45

  The music for this song is based on Suite #2, First Movement,
   "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia" from the Ballet "Spartacus"
   composed by Aram Il'ych Khacthaturian.

   Penthouse Records PR 101 S      Nov 14th 1980
      Lyrics written and song produced by Toni Biggs

2) Caligula: The Music  (Double Album)
      Includes Premium 12" Single "We Are One".
    Record One-Side 1-We Are One (Love Theme)                       4:26
                       Side A-We are One (Dance Version)                    3:06

    Like the 7" record, this song is based on Suite #2, 1st Movement,
     "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia", from Spartacus.

    Record Two-Side A-1 Wood Sequence                                   4:20
                                      a) Intro (Paul Clemente)                       
                                      b) Suite #2, 1st Movement, Spartacus
                                            "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia"
                                      c) Act 1, #7  "The Dukes Command"
                                          Act III, #37, "Introduction"
                                          Act 1, #13 "Dance of the Knights"
                                             Romeo & Juliet                               
                                   2 Caligula & Ennia                                 1:52
                                          "Anfitrione"  (Paul Clemente)
                                   3 Caligula's Dance                                  1:20
                                          " Marziale"   (Paul Clemente)
                                   4 Drusilla's Bedroom (Khatchaturian)       0:55
                                         Suite #2, 1st Movement, Spartacus 
                                          "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia"
                                   5 Isis Pool                                              4:15
                                          "Oblio"  (Paul Clemente)
                                   6 Livia/Proculas Wedding                        3:37
                                          "Movimento"  (Paul Clemente)
                                   7 Caesonia's Dance                                 1:25
                                          "Primitivo"  (Paul Clemente)
                                                                            Total Time  17:45

                  Side B-1Drusilla's Death/Main Theme (Khatchaturian)  5:48
                                     Suite #2, 1st Movement, Spartacus
                                       "Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia"
                                 2 Orgy On Ship  (Prokofiev)                        1:52
                                      Act II, #38 -Midnight-  "Cinderella"
                                 3 Orgy On Ship Part II                                2:28
                                      "Orgia"  (Paul Clemente)
                                 4 Battle of Britain  (J. Leach)                       1:26
                                      "The Spartan War"
                                 5 Play/Stadium                                           2:47
                                      "Equiziana"   (Paul Clemente)
                                 6 Caligula's Death   (Prokofiev)                   3:32
                                      Act I, #7 "The Dukes Command"
                                      Act I, #13  "Dance of the Knights"
                                      Act III, #37  "Introduction"
                                         -Romeo & Juliet-
                                 7 Reprise   (Khatchaturian)                         0:45
                                      Suite #3, 4th Movement -Spartacus-
                                        "Phrygia's Prophecy and farewell to Spartacus"
                                        "Parting of Spartacus and Phrygia"
                                                                                 Total Time 18:30
                                                     Total time of  Soundtrack LP   36:15

Penthouse Records/RCA VPL1-6580 November 14th 1980                                                                     
The music to the film went on world-wide release, as the soundtrack album I own is an Australian Pressing, and the
single is an American One.
                         The sources of Inspiration!
            Aram Il'ych Khatchaturian & Sergei Prokofiev
   Completed in 1956
    Romeo & Juliet
    Completed in 1940
    Completed in 1945
Click on the above CD's for more information on the work
          Incidental music used in the movie, but not on the Soundtrack

Caligula runs 156 minutes, and the soundtrack LP itself is rather short, clocking in at 36 minutes and 15 seconds. That almost 2 hours of unaccounted music! I suppose the same themes are played during the movie at different times, such as "Dance of the Knights" from Romeo and Juliet, which is the main theme used behind Caligula  though-out the film. However, upon listening to the complete works of Spartacus, Romeo and Juliet, and Cinderella, I discovered more music used in the movie, but not on the soundtrack! The other music used  includes these pieces:

  1)  Suite #1, 3rd Movement   "Variation of Aegina and Bacchanalia"

  1) Act I, #17, "Tybalt recognizes Romeo"
  2) Act III, #41  "Juliet refuses to marry Paris"

  1) Act 1, #1   "Introduction"
  2) Act I, #18  "The Clock"
2 very cool posters promoting the music of Caligula! The top one is from the June 1981 issue of Penthouse, and the bottom one is possibly from the Christmas season of 1980. I found this on E-bay! (Oct 22/02)
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