A whole mess of Caligula!
            A complete (?) list of all the Caligula
                  related movies to be found.
4)  Messalina! Messalina!   released  August 11 1977
        aka Caligula II and
Messalina: Sins of Rome
             Directed by Bruno Corbucci, DVD
               More Info
CLICK HERE!      Italian Production

     This film is closely tied to Caligula. It stars
Anneka & Lori and
       features the sets designed by Danilo Donati.
7) Nerone e Poppea     April 29th 1982

     Directed by Antonio Passalia & Bruno Mattei
              John Turner plays Caligula

Caligula Reincarnated as Nero, Nero & Poppea:
An Orgy of Power and Messalina 2
                Italian/French Production
5) Caligola: La Storia Mai Raccontata 
      Released Feb 3rd 1982
    Directed by Joe D'Amato as David Hills
       (Aristide Massaccesi 1936-1999)
  Stars-David Cain Haughton & Laura Gemser
    Italian Production, 104 minutes 
  aka Caligula: Garden of Taboo,
Caligula: The      
      Untold Story
, Caligula II-The Forbidden Story  
6) Caligula et Messaline   April 22nd 1982
     Directed by Antonio Passalia, 111 Minutes
        John Turner plays Caligula
          Betty Roland plays Messalina

Caligula's Perversions & The Emperor Caligula 2
            French/Italian Production  DVD
9) Le Schiave Di Caligola     January 30th 1985
      Italian film directed by Lorenzo Onorati
          Stars-Robert Gilgorov
                    Sandra Venturini
Caligula's Slaves, The Orgies of Caligula,
         Roma. L'Antica Chiave dei Sensi & Caligula III
           This 84 Minute film rips off the rip-off king,
             Joe D'Amato. The plot of this film borrows from
              Caligula: The Untold Story (1982)
4)  Le Calde Notti di Caligola    released 1977
       aka Caligula Erotica,
Hot Nights of Caligula
           Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero (1907-1986)

            Features Fernando Cerulli, Gastone Pescucci &
              Patrizia Webley      88 Minutes      Italian Production
2) The Incredible Torture Show aka
       Blood Sucking Freaks, released May 2nd 1976.
        Re-issued about 1980 as "
The Heritage of Caligula: An Orgy of Sick Minds" to cash in on the Caligula Craze.
  Directed by Joel M. Reed,  88 Minutes, DVD

  Stars-Seamus O'Brien as Sardu
          Viju Krim as Natasha
3) L'ultima orgia del III Reich aka The Gestapo's Last Orgy aka
       Last Orgy of the Third Reich
         Italian Production shot in 1976, and issued on January
           31st 1977. About 1980 the film was re-issued as
Caligula reincarnated as Hitler" to cash in on the   
                    Caligula Craze.
           Directed by Cesare Canevari, 95 Minutes, DVD
                  Stars-Daniela Poggi and Fulvio Ricciardi
1) Yes, even the damn Carry On Gang got in the mix! Our friends at Magnum Video in North Hollywood issued a set of 6 'Caligula' videos. The very cool Magnum poster is at the bottom of this page. About 1991 this 1964 Carry On film was re-issued as "Caligula's Funniest Home Videos." Will the madness never end? Apparently not.
8) Una Virgen para Caligula   1982
      Spanish Film directed by Jaime J. Puig
        The photo is not actually from the film, I just
          dislike blank spaces.
10) Caligula    1996
       This film was based on the play by Albert Camus,
         and was made in Hungary by director Sandor Cs.
          Nagy. It starred Szabolcs Hajdu as Caligula.
            Again, not the actual DVD cover.
11) Messalina  1996
Messalina: The Virgin Empress
         starring Kelly Trump as Messalina

    Joe D'Amato gets back in the game with this 80
     minute film, but this time there is no doubt, this is
     a hard core sex film, no pretentions.
12) Caligola: Follia del Potere     1997
Caligula: The Deviant Emperor
           starring Francesco Malcolm as Caligula

    Joe D'Amato returns the following year with this 83
      minute hard core sex film.
Made for T.V.
As strange as it may seem, Albert Camus' play 'Caligula' has been adapted for TV three times. The date refers to the airdate of the TV production.
1) June 17th 1966- German TV- Starred Horst Frank as Caligula
2) September 29th 1975-Belgium TV- Starred Frans Maas as Caligula
3) May 29th 2001- Spanish TV- Starred Roger Pera as Caligula.
The cool poster on the left is from Magnum Video and shows the six videos they issued to capitolize on the Caligula phenomenon. Left to right we see the films from our list, #7, #3, #5, #2, #1 and
#4. The artwork of the videos in the poster has been changed somewhat from the original 1991 vids, as you will see from the two below.
Avoid the Soft Touch DVD's of Messalina! Messalina! and Caligula the untold story like the plaque. They are really bad. Here we see two stills from the 1982 Tony Pass
Purchase this DVD, Click Here!
Above, we see annother alternative VHS cover for Caligula the Untold Story.On the left, another poster for the Tony Pass movie, plus a great Anneka collectable, the poster for Messalina! Messalina! On the right is the 1982 poster for Caligula the Untold Story and another for the Tony Pass film. So much Caligula, so little time!