Peter O'Toole
Peter Seamus O'Toole was born on August 2nd 1932 at Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.  Although Peter was born in Ireland, he was raised in Leeds, England. Although he wanted to be a reporter, and actually worked at a newspaper, Peter made his acting debut at the age of 17, in 1949.  He had served as a radioman in the Royal Navy for 2 years. Peter attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and spent several years at the Bristol Old Vic. He made his film debut in 1960, but it wasn't until the 1962 epic, "Lawrence of Arabia", that Peter became a superstar. Although Peter has received Oscar Nominations for 7 different films, the actual award has alluded him. (He was last nominated in 1983 for the film, "My Favorite Year".)

Caligula was Peter's 25th Motion Picture project. He was also featured as a piper in another one of my favorite films, 1967's "Casino Royale". As an aside, Orson Welles was also featured in Casino Royale, it seems that with Caligula, there are either Orson Welles or Fellini connections!

In the 1970's medical problems were brought on by his drinking problem, and he fially gave up booze completly at the end of the 70's. Peter remains one of the greatest actors of his generation.

On May 13th 2004, Peter had a new film open at Cannes, "Troy", which featured Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. Peter gets 9th billing in the film, and plays "King Priam of Troy". One can't but help make comparisms to his work as Tiberius in Caligula 27 years before! Peter is great as King Priam, and it's rewarding to see him in an amazing film. Troy cost $175 Million dollars (compared to $23 million for Caligula!) to make, and did very well in the theatres. It did well again in the spring of 2005 when it came out on DVD. Troy marked Peter's 52nd major motion picture. It should be mentioned that Peter also starred in "Augustus" as the lead in his later years. This was a feature film made in 2003.

From his first wife, Sian Phillips, Peter has two daughters, Patricia and Kate. From his second wife, model Karen Brown, he has a son.