The Reviews of Caligula
Spanish Movie Poster-About 1980
Caligula was loathed by the critics. Well known American film critic Roger Ebert stated that Caligula was the most repulsive film he had ever seen: "If it is not the worst film that I have ever seen, that makes it all the more shameful". Rex Reed also gave the movie a horrible review, so much that it really upset Bob. I hope to find and post both of these reviews.

As well as the paid critics, Caligula was also lambasted by it's cast. Peter O'Toole started bad mouthing the film before it was released. He gave interviews to the press condemning the film. John Gielgud said, "I saw the movie years afterwards in New York and thought it was pretty boring". Although Malcolm McDowell was quoted in saying that Gielgud paid to see the movie, twice, saying it was "wonderful".
Italian movie Poster