Caligula-The Road to Emperor 31-37 AD
After August 31 31 AD-Caligula is summoned to Capri by Tiberius.
October 18th 31 AD-The fall of Sejanus, who plotted against the
      family of Germanicus for years, being blamed for his death.
      Sejanus was having an affair with Caligula's aunt Livilla Julia,
      and was said to be the true father of Gemellus. As well,
      Sejanus was betrothed to Julia, daughter of Livilla, at the time
      of his fall.
32 AD-Flaccus appointed Prefect of Egypt.

33 AD-Caligula made Quaestor
33 AD-Caligula married to Junia Claudia

33 AD-The deaths of Caligula's mother, Agrippina Major, and his
             brother, Drusus.
35 AD-Tiberius names Caligula a joint Heir with Gemellus

36 AD-The arrival of Herold Agrippa in Capri. Herod Agrippa
             was the grandson of Herod the Great, and was named
             in honour of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.
Early 37 AD-Vitellius reaches a settlement with the Parthains
March 16th 37 AD-The death of Tiberius, expediated by the
   assistance of Macro, with Caligula supervising.
March 18th 37 AD-Caligula is hailed as Imperator by the Senate
A very Victorian painting of Messalina by H. Makart about 1898