Teresa Ann Savoy
Teresa was born on July 18th 1955, in London, England.

She played the character of Margherita in the 1976 film "Salon Kitty", and the part of Drusilla in "Caligula", shot in 1976 and 1977, released in  Italy in 1979.  She was a last minute replacement for Maria Schneider, who left the set refusing to wear the costumes, or lack of! Teresa, a pure artist with no shame, pulled the part of Drusilla off without a hitch, and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing that part!

Teresa was brilliant in Salon Kitty, as a Social Nationalist in NAZI Germany who see's beyond the ideals of the Master Race after they kill her lover. You will notice similiar camera angles, shots, and stylings, as Tinto Brass also directed this film. You will also see John Steiner in some scenes as the head NAZI army dude.

Her most current film was the short, "La Fabbrica del Vampore", released in 2000.
Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell and Teresa Ann Savoy
According to Helen Mirren, this is the scene that "got out of hand". Not sure what the original direction of the scene was, or if it was natural and just escalated, but Helen and Teresa definately swap spit!
Above, a black and white promo still of this scene, while the shot on the right is a Lobby Card. (Added Feb 23/02)
Teresa and Bekim Fehmiu in Salon Kitty. In this scene National-Socialist Margherita beds and falls for Hans Reiter, who is later killed by the Nazi's. Teresa was about 20 when this film was shot.
Newer version of the VHS box for Salon Kitty.
In this scene Caligula thinks Gemellus is out to kill him. Both Drusilla and Caesonia try to comfort him, and each other! It was later intercut with the lesbian scene with Anneka and Lori.
Maria Schneider
Just to compare, here is Maria Schneider in a scene from "The Last Tango in Paris" (1972). She looks too babyish for Drusilla, I think things worked out for the best!
Thanks to Brennan M. for this great picture of Teresa! (May 3/02)
Salon Kitty (1976)
Teresa in Playboy! On the left, Teresa is on the cover of the October 1979 Italian Version of the Magazine. It appears that this was a special Caligula issue, the film debuted in Italy about this time. Above, the Nov 1976 Edition features Teresa on page 147, and to the right of that, the November 1977 Edition, where Teresa is on page 159. Both of these issues are the regular US versions. I'd love to own the Italian One!
(Added June 25th 2002)
Thanks to Brennan for these pictures of Teresa, we think they are either from the Italian Playboy or a photo shoot in "Lui" done by David Hamilton. Either way these pictures are from about 1979. The one at the left there is my favorite, it would be cool if we could chat with her! I have tonnes of questions for her! You?