The Man
5.  This is a hand struck .999 fine Aureus of Caligula.
4.  Caligula AE as with Vesta reverse type. 9.59 grams.
        Uneven patina on obverse below chin area.
2. Caligula AE-as. Rome Mint Rx. Vesta seated It.
            Brown patina light roughness
3. Caligula & Drusilla, AE 19, 5.02 Grams, Smyrna, Ionia
  Issued about 38 AD, Brown Patina, Brassy at High Points
       (The listing said Drusilla, but I think it's Vesta)
       Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus "Caligula"
           August 31st 12 AD-January 24th 41 AD

                    The 3rd Emperor Of Rome
           March 28th 37 AD-January 24th 41 AD

   The Most Powerful Man in the World at age 24 1/2
A view from the top of St. Peter's Dome. In the foreground is Bernini's Piazza San Pietro, and in the center of that is the Obelisk that Caligula brought to Rome in 36 AD. In the background you can see the Tiber River and the City of Rome.
1. Caligula AE Sestertius, 23.64 Grams, struck 37-38 AD
              Fine, porous, reddish brown patina.
Pictured to the left is a statue from the City of
Anzio, the modern name of Antium, the birthplace of Gaius Caesar "Caligula". So far I
haven't been able to find many pictures from
Anzio, Italy.
Pictured above are some of the fine rolling fields of the Roman farmland, perhaps located in the outskirts of Antium.
The Caligula Coin Gallery
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6.      Caligula Ae As Vesta RIC 38, ca 37-38 AD
12-31 AD
31-37 AD
37-41 AD
Caligula's Family Tree from Julius Caesar
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7.              Caligula Very Fine AS Vesta, Black Patina
                                Sear 616, Van Meter 9
Initially Caligula was popular with Romans because he ended Tiberius' reign of terror. However, less than a year in power, Caligula  proved himself more despotic than his predecessor. Caligula restored the treason trials (after getting rid of them in 37 AD), mocked the Senate, flaunted his incestous relationships with his sisters, especially Drusilla, and demanded to be worshipped as Jove, the Supreme God of the ancient Roman Pantheon. He also surrounded himself with flatterers, including Herod Agrippa, the grandson of the great Herod.
8.   Caligula AE-As cira 37-38 AD Rome Mint with Vesta seated on reverse.
               S-C to either side, RIC 38, VF+ with some roughness
     9.          This coin is a Barbarous Issue of Caligula, 37-41 AD.
10.  Caligula AE Sestertius 25.77 grams. Struck 37-38 AD. The reverse honours        the emperor and reads "For saving the lives of citizens". RIC 37, Good VF,           Near EF, brown and earthen patina. (added 04/16/01)
11.  This is a reproduction of a Caligula Sestertius Coin, made from a lead              free metal. Shows Caligula on the face, and then his three sisters,                     Agrippinilla, Drusilla, and Lesbia on the reverse.
   12.             Caligula AE As.  11.9 grams, Vesta 37-38 AD
         13.   Caligula As with Vesta.  Very Rare Bronze, 10.4 Grams
                                Sear 616, Van Meter 9, Cohen 27
14.   Caligula and Caesonia, AE 27, from about 39 AD, Carthago Nova,
            Spain. RPC 185, near VF, dark Patina. Lists the names of Livia,
            Caesonia, Antonia and Salus on the back of the coin.
15.   Caligula & Germanicus, Crete, AE 20, RPC 1022, VF, Choice Brown
           Patina. Note to scratch across Caligula's neck!
Now for some Memorabilia! When I first began this site in 2001, this was the main page. These coins were my crowning glory. We have come so far in 6 1/2 years, wow! Thanks to all the fans out there, this site would not be what  it is today without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Tomas Sept 16/07