X-Rated Pictures Scanned from the Film
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The girl with the penis! This sweet beauty not only sports a nice set of 32B's, but a nice sized dong too! She a feature act in Tiberius' freak show. All these dedicated roman extras who worked for scale and didn't get a credit in the movie. They got about $300 US a day for thier trouble.
These shots appear way too briefly in the movie, moving by too damn quick. I'm not sure if these are scans from the DVD, or actual promotional stills. They look pretty good for 29 years old.
Again, this footage is used out of place, out of context, and not enough for me. I'd love to see all this great torture material restored in full.
A mainstream film that also features masterbation and ejaculation! Ennia rubs the nice hot come on her body to keep her young. Where do I sign up?
"I took my destiny into my own hands" Caligula tells Ennia when he explains not only are they not getting married, but she's getting a one way ticket to Gaul.
Caligula's Courtyard. Inside we see his bed. The set were the bed was located was used for many different scenes, including the one with Ennia, and also the one with the two Senators who come to Caligula for justice, and don't get it.
This is actually Teresa Ann Savoy and Malcolm McDowell while Teresa explains that Caligula will marry a lady of the Senatorial Class. He says no until he learns that he gets to check out the hot girls at the Isis Pool!
Proculus has a bad feeling about all this lard being spread on his ass. Moments later Caligula confirms Proculus' fears as he tries to shove his fist up Proculus' asshole in one fellow motion. Not a lot of success is made.
"We can dance if you want to, or we can leave your friends behind" Caligula seems to sing as he does the 'Little Boots' dance in the nude while it rains. Malcolm and the Caligula crew are one dedicated bunch of actors!
"One fresh penis coming up!", the dead Proculus is soon separated from his favorite member. Poor guy. He's dead, and he still gets fucked, pissed on and dis-membered afterwards.